Graduate summer courses

During the summer graduate students enroll in their research based course. There are also summer courses at the undergraduate level which may be valuable for a graduate student. Please confirm your summer course registration with the graduate secretary to ensure your graduate student statues is correct.

, the Anthropology Graduate secretary if you have any questions.

500 - 600 level

Code Sec Title Instructor
597 A01 THESIS PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT - on campus Supervisor
597 A02 THESIS PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT - off campus Supervisor
598 A01 COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION - on campus Supervisor
598 A02 COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION - off campus Supervisor
599 A01 THESIS - on campus Supervisor
599 A02 THESIS - off campus Supervisor
693 A01 DOCTORAL CANDIDACY EXAMINATION - on campus Supervisor
693 A02 DOCTORAL CANDIDACY EXAMINATION - off campus Supervisor
699 A01 DISSERTATION - on campus Supervisor
699 A02 DISSERTATION - off campus Supervisor