New students

Starting at UVic can be a major transition as you adjust to new academic expectations, a new social scene and perhaps a new home. We offer lots of different supports to help you make that transition as smooth as possible.


Whether you’re starting at UVic in September, January or May, we offer an orientation program to welcome you to our community. By participating in orientation, you’ll meet new friends, get to know campus services and gain insight in how to succeed at UVic. 

If you’re starting at UVic in…

You should attend…


New Student Welcome OR Graduate Student Orientation


January Orientation


May Orientation

Pre-Arrival Program

Our online Pre-Arrival Program helps UVic students prepare for university life before their first term even starts. The interactive program, which consists of 7 different topics, helps you learn what to expect at UVic, inside and outside the classroom, introduces you to available supports and services, explores strategies for university success and ultimately, helps you feel ready and confident to start the term.

Back-to-school programming

In August, join our Back-to-school programming for 2 weeks of virtual events, workshops and activities to help you prepare to start at UVic. Whether you're looking for social events, academic workshops, wellness activities or just to learn more about the UVic community, there's bound to be an event for you!

For students starting at UVic in January, or September-start students looking for extra support, we also offer Winter Welcome — 3 days of virtual events, workshops and activities in early January.


@UVicYearOne is the Instagram community we’ve built just for new students. Join us for community, contests and important information.

New student checklist

There are always lots of administrative tasks that you need to do when starting at UVic. We've compiled them into one New Student Checklist for your convenience.

New student handbook

Our online New Student Handbook provides an easy-to-access overview of UVic's support services and programs. We have also included information about the many opportunities to get involved and make a difference inside and outside the classroom and some tips and tricks for how to truly thrive at university.