Past grant recipients


Natasha Newman – Three Indigenous Student “Kitchen Table Talks” hosted through New Student Connect

Awarded: $950 - Student Life Grant

Three ‘Kitchen Table Talks’ were hosted monthly over Zoom featuring various Indigenous professionals and scholars who facilitated discussions on the following topics: Student Health: A Decolonial and Indigenized Approach; Heart Medicine: Finding Balance and Strength; and Pathways: Academics, Professions and Community. These virtual community gatherings helped to build a sense of belonging and support for Indigenous students registered in the New Student Connect (NSC) program.

Kitchen Table Talk Posters

Sarah Lane on behalf of UVic Women in Science - UVic WiS STEM Research Symposium 2021

Awarded: $1,000 - Student Life Grant

The UVic Women in Science (WiS) hosted the UVIC Wis STEM Research Symposium on March 8-12, 2021. The event engaged women currently involved or interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Themes of mental health, connectedness, EDI awareness and gender-specific issues were incorporated into this event by featuring panel discussions and keynote speakers that highlight these topics as well as the diversity of women in STEM fields. This year the symposium also focused on providing practical skills like science communication and presentation skills through workshops, as well as student oral and poster presentations.



Debra Torok - Moving Psychology Toward Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Research and Practice

Awarded: $1,000 - UVic Anti-racism Grant

Debra, a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program, along with the support of a team of graduate students and the Social Justice and Human Rights in Clinical Psychology Committee, raised funds to invite Dr. Jennifer Mullan, an activist, scholar, public speaker and clinical psychologist, to lead a virtual workshop. Dr. Mullan’s workshop drew connections between colonization, racism, intergenerational trauma and structural oppression within mental health systems. The workshop was part of a four-part series offered through the UVic Clinical Psychology graduate program.


Jessica Burgyne-King – Students' Open Forum Against Racism (SOFAR)

Awarded: $1,200 - Student Life Activity Grant

SOFAR hosted "Revolution & Resilience: An Anti-Racism and Decolonization Workshop" October 10 & 11, 2019 in the Michele Pujol room in the Student Union Building. This two-day workshop centered on decolonization and indigenous sovereignty through dialogue and interactive small group activities facilitated by BIPOC facilitators.

Instagram: sofaruvic

Facebook: SOFAR

Madeleine Kenton – U.S. MidWest Society for Women in Philosophy Conference

Awarded: $700 - Student Life Activity Grant

Madeleine was invited to present their undergraduate paper on the topic of gender and medical care. An extraordinary achievement for an undergraduate student in the philosophy discipline. Madeleine will then be hosting an event on campus relating to their topic of study and what they learned at the conference.

Stacie Swain - On behalf of the Little Big House Build for the Ma'amtagila Land Rematriation Project

Awarded: $1,000 - Student Life Activity Grant

A group of Indigenous and Settler students and community members built a Little Big House to support the Matriarch Camp and Ma'amtagila Land Rematriation Project from September 23 to October 2, 2019 outside of the Student Union Building. The construction of the Little Big House is part of an assertion of Indigenous sovereignty spear-headed by Ma'amtagila matriarch Tsastilqualus Ambers Umbas, in coordination with broader Kwakwaka'wakw hereditary leadership, whose territory covers a large portion of northern Vancouver Island.