Where to refer learners

There are a variety of on-campus resources for learners.

Counselling services:

Counselling Services offers short-term counselling for students whose problems are interfering with their performance or well-being. This includes personal counselling, career counselling and attendance in our groups and workshops. https://coun.uvic.ca/

Centre for Academic Communication:

Supports for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Academic expectations.  https://www.uvic.ca/learningandteaching/cac/

The Math and Stats Assistance Centre:

Offers a friendly space where students can obtain assistance with 100- and 200-level math and stats courses. https://www.uvic.ca/science/math-statistics/current-students/undergraduate/msac/index.php

International Commons:

The International Commons is a welcoming space within the McPherson Library's Learning Commons where students can study, connect, and access a variety of programs and resources designed to support academic success. https://ltc.uvic.ca/servicesprograms/InternationalCommons.php  

Library and Research Help:

Visit the Info Desk for search help, start online chats with librarians, search special seminars in research issues, inquire about special collections and subject librarians. https://library.uvic.ca/research/

The Centre for Accessible Learning:

Offers academic accommodation programing for students with disabilities in for-credit programs. https://uvic.ca/cal

Offers learning assistance services to all UVic students including writing tutors, academic learning strategists. https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/lap/ and by-appointment services in the Learning Commons in the Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library https://www.uvic.ca/library/locations/home/learning/study.php

Peer study groups/peer feedback:

Sometimes organized through course websites. Also look into collaboration with friends and classmates. Sometimes instructors or T.A.s can help to connect interested students.

Private Tutors:

Available at a fee through UVic Career Services website and other community services. https://learninginmotion.uvic.ca/students/student-alumni.htm