September 11-12, 2014

Victoria, BC

Precision data from particle physics and cosmology continues to shape our view of the fundamental constituents of matter. Despite its success, there is compelling empirical evidence that the Standard Model of particle physics is incomplete, as it cannot account for dark matter or neutrino mass. In recent years, the realization that this new "hidden sector" physics could be mugh lighter than the electroweak scale has drawn attention to the role of high precision experiments at the intensity frontier. This mini-workshop will bring together researchers working at the forefront to explore the new physics reach of next generation fixed target and collider experiments.  

All sessions will be held at the Hotel Grand Pacific

Thursday September 11   
8:55              Welcome
9:00-10:00     P. Schuster (Perimeter)
                     W. Bonivento (CERN)        
                        The SHIP project at CERN
10:00-10:30   Break
10:30-12:00   B. Echenard (Caltech)         
                        Searches for dark sectors at BaBar
                     A. Beaulieu (U Victoria)
                     D. McKeen (U Washington)
                        Lights scalars through the (leptonic) Higgs portal
12:00-2:00     Lunch
2:00-3:30       K. Sigurdson (UBC)
                        Cosmological constraints of new neutrino interactions                     
                     B. Shuve (Perimeter)
                        Not-so-sterile neutrinos and dark forces         
                     J. Pearce (U Victoria)
                        ATLAS missing energy analysis and application to DM searches      
3:30-4:00       Break
4:00-5:00       Discussion Session
6:30               Dinner (Swans Hotel)

Friday September 12   
9:00-10:30     P. deNiverville (U Victoria)
                        Search for light dark matter at MiniBoone
                     G. Krnjaic (Perimeter)
                        New experiment to search for light DM at JLab
                     P. Kammel (U Washington)
10:30-11:00   Break
11:00-12:00   S. Chang (U Oregon)
                        Another look at inelastic DM scattering
                     H. An (Caltech)
                        Dark matter detectors as dark photon helioscopes
12:00-2:00     Lunch
2:00-3:30       E. Izaguirre (Perimeter)
                     A. Fradette (Victoria U)
                        Very dark photons
                     D. Morrissey (TRIUMF)
3:30-4:00       Break
4:00-5:00       Discussion Session
  • Haipeng An (Caltech)
  • Alexandre Beaulieu (U Victoria)
  • Walter Bonivento (CERN)
  • Spencer Chang (U Oregon)
  • Patrick deNiverville (U Victoria)
  • Bertrand Echenard (Caltech)
  • Anthony Fradette (U Victoria)
  • Eder Izaguirre (Perimeter)
  • Peter Kammel (U Washington)
  • Bob Kowalewski (U Victoria)
  • Gordan Krnjaic (Perimeter)
  • Nick Lange (U Victoria)
  • Matthias Le Dall (U Victoria)
  • David McKeen (U Washington)
  • David Morrissey (TRIUMF)
  • Ann Nelson (U Washington)
  • James Pearce (U Victoria)
  • Maxim Pospelov (U Victoria and Perimeter)
  • Adam Ritz (U Victoria)
  • Mike Roney (U Victoria)
  • Philip Schuster (Perimeter)
  • Brian Shuve (Perimeter)
  • Kris Sigurdson (UBC)
  • Natalia Toro (Perimeter)

The workshop will be held at the Hotel Grand Pacific in downtown Victoria, right on the harbour. Attendees staying at the same hotel should request the reduced "UVic rate". The hotel is located on the south side of the harbour, next to the BC Legislature, and there are alternative accomodation options nearby.

The hotel is about 30-40 minutes by shuttle or taxi from Victoria airport - see the Travel tab for further information about travel options. 

Victoria airport (YYJ) has direct flights to and from all major Canadian cities as far east as Toronto, and also Seattle (Alaska/Horizon Air) and San Francisco (United) in the US. The Hotel Grand Pacific is about 30-40 mins by car from the airport, and the most practical options for transfers are taxis (~$60) or the Akal shuttle (~$20) ( 

For those attending the TRIUMF Theory Workshop in Vancouver prior to this meeting, BC Ferries ( provides regular services to Vancouver Island travelling between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay. These terminals are some distance from the city at each end, so a convenient option is to catch the Pacific Coach ( which runs from downtown Vancouver to Victoria via the ferry. The Pacific Coach terminal in Victoria is only about 500m along the harbour from the Grand Pacific Hotel. Other travel options to get to and from the ferry terminals are public buses and taxis. 

There are also multiple options for flying between Vancouver and Victoria, either from YVR to YYJ (with Air Canada), or by taking one of the seaplanes ( which fly regularly from the harbour in downtown Vancouver to the harbour in Victoria, or from the south terminal at YVR to the Victoria harbour.

The map below shows the Victoria region, the location of the airport, and the BC Ferries terminal in Swartz Bay.

Saanich Map

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