Linear Collider Detector

For more than a decade, the VISPA group participated in planning for a future e+ e- linear collider, possibly the next major facility for particle physics. Such a facility is well suited to uncovering the details of electroweak symmetry breaking with a low mass Higgs boson, discovered at the LHC in 2012.

ILC layout

ILC accelerator layout

Time projection chamber research

The VISPA group demonstrated, for the first time, the high resolution performance of a time projection chamber with micropattern gas detector readout in magnetic fields, with a small protoype. Other groups around the world have confirmed this, and this type of TPC now forms the central part of the ILD detector, one of the two detectors being designed for the future collider.

LC TPC images

Images from ILC TPC R&D at VISPA

Linear collider workshop

In 2004, the VISPA group hosted an international conference on the future linear collider, attracting more than 150 participants.

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