Accelerator Physics

Accelerator group

The University of Victoria is the lead University of the ARIEL project under construction at TRIUMF from 2011-2023.

The primary mission of ARIEL is to deliver unprecedented intensities of rare, short-lived exotic isotopes, and in particular those with extreme neutron excess, to simultaneous and multiple experiments, at the existing and world-leading ISAC accelerator complex. A secondary mission of ARIEL is to anticipate future uses of e-linac technologies such as free electron lasers, and including commercial uses such as the production of medical isotopes by photo-fission.

The flagship of the ARIEL project is a high power superconducting electron linear accelerator to be used as a photo-fission driver. Our group completed the design and construction of 17 beam diagnostic units that measure the beam profile along the length of the new accelerator. The photo below shows teams members with the view screen camera units during construction.

View screen camera units

There are opportunities for new graduate students to participate during this exciting phase of ARIEL. More information about graduate studies in accelerator physics is found here.

Research topics include:

  • Superconducting radio frequency accelerating structures
  • Beam dynamics and collective effects
  • Diagnostics and Instrumentation
  • Ion Sources
  • Cryogenics
  • Accelerator Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Graduate Students
  • Joe Adegun
  • Asad Asaduzzaman
  • Ferran Boix Pamies
  • Marla Cervantes
  • Kyle Gao
  • Ruth Gregory
  • Paul Jung
  • Spencer Kiy
  • Fernando Maldonado
  • Olivier Shelbaya