Atlas endcap calorimeter
Atlas endcap calorimeter

VISPA is involved in major subatomic physics projects around the world.

These projects involves international teams of physicists devoted to solving the most challenging questions in particle physics, and developing the technology to advance the field in the future.

In accelerator physics, we are participating in the construction of a new electron accelerator at the TRIUMF laboratory.

ATLAS is one of the two major detectors built to study proton collisions at the world's highest energy accelerator, the LHC.

The flavour physics group is in involved in the SLAC BaBar experiment and the new Belle II project at Japan's KEK laboratory. These projects study the properties of heavy quarks and leptons and search for evidence of new physics at the precision frontier.

The neutrino physics group participates in neutrino experiments in Japan that study the nature of neutrinos and their interactions with matter.

The linear collider, a future electron-positron collider, requires detectors with unprecedented precision to carry out its scientific mission.

Dark energy is the name given to the unexplained acceleration in the expansion of the present day universe. ALTAIR is the UVic-led international project to eliminate the largest uncertainty in measurements of dark energy and its properties.