Research resources

There are significant technical resources available at VISPA necessary to successfully carry out research in subatomic and accelerator physics:

  • Technical staff include personnel supported through NSERC and TRIUMF:
    • detector technologist
    • electronics technician
    • designers/engineers
    • machine shop staff
  • A detector laboratory is available to build and test equipment
    • class 10000 cleanroom
    • vacuum equipment
    • UV laser and optics table
  • Electronics shop
  • Machine shop
  • Computing facilities

NSERC sponsored resources are made available through the Major Resources Support Grant program. In cooperation with MRS facilities at Carleton University and Queens University, the resources are made available to the whole subatomic physics community in Canada. Requests for these resources are considered and prioritized by a common board (see below). Contact the VISPA director for more information about how to access these resources. This form should be completed when making a request.

Projects currently underway or recently comepleted include:

  • ATLAS calorimeter upgrade (Led by Gerald Oakham, Carleton University)
  • ATLAS LAr Trigger Electronics Upgrade (Led by Richard Keeler, University of Victoria)
  • T2K TPC readout upgrade (Led by Blair Jamieson, University of Winnipeg)
  • E-linac view screen diagnostic system and retractable beam stop (Led by Dean Karlen, University of Victoria/TRIUMF)
  • ARIEL-II electron beam photo-converter and ion extraction optics (Led by Pierre Bricault and Alex Gottberg, TRIUMF)
  • Belle II detector upgrade (Led by Michael Roney, University of Victoria)

The following people will review requests to access the resources of the MRS facilities at VISPA, Carleton University, and Queens University:

  • Kevin Graham (Carleton)
  • Dean Karlen (U Vic)
  • Tom Mattison (UBC)
  • Brigitte Vachon (McGill)
  • Mark Boulay (Carleton)
  • Tony Noble (Queens)
  • Blair Jamieson (Winnipeg)
  • Akira Konaka (TRIUMF)
  • Mike Roney (IPP)