Transfer students

We offer three year-long (two-term) programs at the first-year level:

  • PHYS 102A and 102B - two single-term (1.5 units) courses that provide an algebra-based survey of physics for many life science degrees.
  • PHYS 110 and 111 - two single-term (1.5 unit) courses for Natural Science and Engineering students that together form a calculus-based survey of physics.  This set of courses satisfies the first-year physics requirements for most UVic programs that require credit in physics including engineering programs.
  • PHYS 120 and 130 - two single-term (1.5 unit) courses for honours and major physics students that together form a calculus-based survey of physics. The subject coverage is similar to PHYS 110 and 111 but with an increased emphasis on relativity and modern physics.

Transfer credit

If you have taken a single physics course at another institution you may have received transfer credit as "PHYS 100-level (1.5 unit)."  What this means is that the course you took did not perfectly match one of the UVic physics courses. 

UVic transfer credit for courses taken at BC post-secondary institutions is detailed in the BC Transfer Guide.

If you have questions about transfer credit, or about which physics or astronomy courses you are eligible to take, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor.