High school outreach

We strive to establish strong ties with local high schools through our participation in events/programs such as:

International Masterclasses

The International Masterclass is a one day event which gives local high school students the opportunity to learn about the world of particle physics. During Masterclass, students analyze real data taken by the ATLAS Experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider and interact with research scientists working on the experiment. This event is held at institutions around the world.

This year's event - ATLAS Masterclass 2018 date is TBA.

Learn more about International Masterclass.

Physics Undergraduate Laboratory Tours

These tours can be geared to any age level -- elementary grades through to high school -- and are available for booking April through August. For more information, please contact our department Administrative Officer Susan Gnucci.

Vancouver Island Cosmic Ray Time Coincidence Array (VICTA) project

This project provides cosmic ray detectors and electronics to high school partners for use in their educational programs. The equipment can be used both for detecting cosmic ray showers, for measuring the muon lifetime, for testing Special Relativity, and to develop an understanding of how subatomic particles are detected. Cosmic ray data from various installations can be aggregated and analyzed. For more information see the VICTA Website.

Faculty of Science High School Outreach Program

Local high schools are invited to participate in a day of hands-on mini laboratory modules. The day includes presentations by department co-op coordinators and undergraduate advisers.