Fall 2020 Course Delivery

last updated July 28, 2020 at 4:30pm

The first term (September-December 2020) and second term (January-April 2021) timetable is now live: uvic.ca/timetable

Undergraduate Courses

Faculty of Science undergraduate instruction in the Fall-2020 term will be predominantly online. Lecture and tutorial components of most courses will be delivered by the assigned instructor using synchronous or asynchronous video links. All first-year labs will also be delivered online.

However, the following courses will have components that will be delivered on campus using physical distancing regulations and WorkSafeBC guidelines:

On-Campus Undergraduate Courses (Fall 2020)*

  • Biochemistry & Microbiology:  BCMB 301, BCMB 406, BIOC/MICR 470, BCMB 499
  • Biology: BIOL 460, BIOL 321, (updated July 28, 2020) BIOL 499
  • Chemistry: CHEM 212, CHEM 260, CHEM 361, CHEM 362, CHEM 363, CHEM 364, CHEM 498, CHEM 499
  • Earth & Ocean Sciences: EOS 205, EOS 316
  • Physics & Astronomy: PHYS 229, (updated June 25, 2020) PHYS 321A , PHYS 323, PHYS 326, ASTR 329, PHYS 429, PHYS 499     

*If possible, plan to be on campus for these courses. Should you not be able to attend these labs in-person, please ask your instructor for a deferral of the lab component; you can still take the other course components online.

On-Campus Undergraduate/Graduate Mathematics & Statistics Courses*

  • Mathematics & Statistics: MATH 423/523, MATH 451/580, MATH 493/533, MATH 492/550 

*If possible, plan to be on the UVic campus for these courses. Should you not be able to attend these labs in-person please ask your instructor for a deferral or consider a substitution.

For more detailed information on course delivery methods, visit unit websites:


Graduate Courses

Graduate courses in the Fall 2020 term will be delivered primarily on-campus and in-person.

However, the following exceptions apply:

Online Graduate courses

  • Biochemistry & Microbiology: BCMB 500, BCMB 501, BCMB 560, BCMB 580
  • Chemistry: CHEM 505, CHEM 509, CHEM 670, CHEM 680
  • Earth & Ocean Sciences: EOS 525 (predominantly online with some on-campus components)
  • Mathematics & Statistics: STAT 564, MATH 475/575, STAT 459/559, STAT 556, STAT 560
For questions, please contact Academic Advising or your department’s undergraduate or graduate academic advisor.