Conduct your research

The sections below will help you apply for funding opportunities, enter into a research contract or agreement, find a partner for your research, apply for regulatory approval (human research ethics or animal care), learn about UVic research policies and procedures, or find relevant forms and guidelines.

How do I...

Apply for funding opportunities (internal and external grants)?

Enter into a research contract or agreement?

Find a partner for my research or mobilize the knowledge I have created?

Contact the Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization office for brokering, knowledge mobilization and communications services.

Explore awards and honours?

See the awards and honours page for information on external awards and honours.

Find information and support for post-doctoral fellows?

Refer to the post-doctoral fellows page for more information, including:

  • eligibility requirements
  • information about responsibilities of a PDF
  • available university services and facilities
  • information about the benefits package
  • a template for a letter of offer

Learn about policies and procedures?

Find and use forms and guidelines?

See the forms and guidelines page.

The Office of Research Services (ORS) assists faculty in securing and administering research grants, awards and contracts as well as meeting their regulatory responsibilities in support of research.

ORS staff provide the following services:

  • publicizing research opportunities to the UVic research community
  • initiating and coordinating funding agency site visits and presentations
  • liaising with funding agencies on behalf of UVic researchers
  • assisting in the development, submission and tracking of research grant and contract proposals
  • processing regulatory approval for human research ethics and animal care
  • providing internal funding and administrative support to committees who adjudicate internal research competitions
  • administering research grants, contracts and creative awards in conjunction with Accounting Services
  • maintaining and preparing research statistics and reports
  • developing and administering research policies
  • working with UVic Industry Partnerships in support of technology transfer and commercialization of research products
  • promoting UVic research and creative accomplishments and awards internally and externally
  • managing application development and post-award administration for special programs

Are you satisfied with the services we provide? Your feedback is important to us. 

Ocean Networks Canada Society

Ocean Networks Canada Society (ONCS)

Related departments: Neptune Canada Ocean Network , Venus Coastal Network
Ocean Networks Canada Society
University of Victoria
Ocean-climate Building At The Queenswood Campus
Ocean Networks Canada Society
2474 Arbutus Road
V8N 1V8
Ocean Networks Canada Society
2474 Arbutus Road
V8N 1V8
On internet:
Department website:
Department e-mail:

Department Listings:

view summary listing view complete listing
Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Inquiries 250-472-5400
FAX 250-472-5370
President & CEO Kate Moran 250-472-5350 QW 129
Chief Scientist Kim Juniper 250-472-5379 QW 117
Associate Director Partnerships & Government Relations Jessica Stigant 250-472-5365 QW 130

Corporate Services

Director of Corporate Services Daniela Loock 250-472-5115 QW 128
Associate Director, Corporate Services Kimberly Chemerika 250-472-5720 QW 112
IT Architect/Team Lead Claudio Alfaro 250-472-5362 QW 218
Corporate Services Administrator Corinne Aarsen 250-721-8660 QW 126
Administrative Assistant, HR & Facilities Carina Foran 250-472-4760 QW 124
Corporate Services Coordinator Lyuba Goundareva 250-472-5351 QW 111
Systems Admin Support Rob Hehr 250-472-5367 QW 218
Executive Office Assistant Erin Lewyk 250-721-7231 QW 126
Front Desk Administrative Assistant Kirsta Reid 250-472-4365
Systems Administrator Support Michael Simmons 250-217-0942 QW 218
Front Desk Supervisor Sheri Thomson 250-472-5400
Information Technology 250-472-5360 QW 218
Systems Administrator Support-Casual Tashinga Zvawada QW 218


Communications Manager Leslie Elliot 250-472-5357 QW 119 elliottl@uvic.a
Media Relations Officer Greig Bethel 250-472-4743 QW 119
Web Content and Communications Coordinator Samantha Lacy QW 119
Content Strategy & Narrative Engagement Lead Mandy Leith 250-853-3963 QW 119
Digital Media and Online Specialist Duncan Lowrie QW 119
Graphic Design & Digital Content Jina Mousseau 250-472-5175 QW 119
Digital Asset Support Specialist Katie Shoemaker QW 119

Learning and Community Engagement

Associate Director, Learning and Community Engagement Maia Hoeberechts 250-721-8296 QW 123
Post-secondary Education Coordinator Mauricio Carrasquilla-Henao 250-516-3788 QW 123
Community Based Monitoring Manager Ryan Flagg 250-721-8988 QW 123
K-12 Education Coordinator Lauren Hudson 250-418-1524 QW 123
Community Support Specialist Luci Marshall 250-217-8382 QW 123
Community Support Specialist Tanner Owca 250-415-0326 QW 123
K-12 Education Coordinator Monika Pelz 250-721-7854 QW 123
K-12 Education Coordinator Jennifer Putland 250-589-2377 QW 123
Post-Secondary Education Coordinator Dave Riddell 250-472-5389 QW 123
Indigenous Community Liaison Pieter Romer 250-216-2207 QW 123
Indigenous Community Learning Coordinator Cody Tolmie 250-217-2244 QW 123


Chief Finance Officer Sandy Bligh 250-721-7878 QW 117
Finance Manager Karen Jawanda 250-721-8478 QW 125
Finance Team Lead Lana Benger 250-853-3962 QW 125
Debbie Gould Deborah Gould-Hawke 250-472-5153 QW 125
Accounting Clerk Ellen Sark 250-472-5352 QW 125

User Engagement

Director, User Engagement Benoit Pirenne 250-472-5353 QW 210
Associate Director, Science Richard Dewey 250-472-4009 QW 216A
Software Developer Phillip Au QW 212
Applied Science Specialist Reza Amouzgar QW 216
Scientific Programmer Ben Biffard QW 214
Jr Software Developer Italo Borrelli QW 212
Software Developer Mac Button QW 214
Software Developer Yan Chen QW 215
Software Developer Jonathan Cheng 250-472-5927 QW 214
Software Developer Timothy Choo QW 214
Software Developer Patrick Conley QW 214
Associate Director of CIOOS - Pacific Denis D'Amours 250-216-4030 QW 119
Senior Staff Scientist Fabio De Leo Cabrera 250-721-8513 QW 215
Jr software Developer Derrick Evans QW 212
Software Developer Eli Ferguson QW 215A
Applied Science Specialist Nathan Grivault QW 216
Junior Staff Scientist Lu Guan 250-721-8078 QW 215
Associate Director, Software Engineering Eric Guillemot 250-634-4988 QW 212
Project Management Administrator Karen Hamilton 250-472-5880 QW 204
Senior Staff Scientist Martin Heesemann 250-853-3716 QW 215
Software Developer Ryan Hotte QW 212
Junior Staff Scientist Kristen Kanes 250-472-4807 QW 216A
Software Developer Tim Lavallee 250-472-5384 QW 214
Software Developer Tony Lin 250-472-5373 QW 212
Software Developer Melissa MacArthur QW 212
Senior Staff Scientist Steven Mihaly 250-853-3637 QW 216A
Jr Software developer Kristen Meyer QW 215
Public Safety Program Manager Teron Moore 250-721-8610 QW 217
Senior Staff Scientist Joseph Needoba QW 215
User Engagement Officer Dwight Owens 250-853-3712 QW 212
Associate Director / Management Consultant - World Data Systems International Tech Office Karen Payne 250-472-4527 QW 217
Project Management Coordinator Emily Price 250-472-4763 QW 217
Digital Infrastructure Development Officer Gordon Rees 250-721-6357 QW 217
Project Management Coordinator Jessica Robinson 250-853-3779 QW 204
Senior Staff Scientist Martin Scherwath 250-721-6309 QW 216
Scientific Data Specialist Angela Schlesinger 250-472-5579 QW 121
Scientific Data Specialist Andrew Snauffer QW 123
Int. Software Testing Engineer Joshua Stetling QW 212
Software Developer Michael Thorne QW 214
Project Management Coordinator Geovany Trejos-Salas 250-472-4555 QW 204
Junior Staff Scientist Manman Wang QW 215
Intermediate Software Developer Tianming Wei QW 212
Senior Software Testing Engineer Yingsong Zheng 250-415-3350 QW 214

Observatory Operations

Director, Observatory Operations Adrian Round 250-472-5364 QW 118
Scientific Data Specialist Dilumie Abeysirigunawardena 250-472-4922 QW 121A
Data Steward Omid Aghaei
Scientific Data Specialist Jeannette Bedard 250-472-5053 QW 121A
Data Steward Greg Baillie QW 121
Project Engineer Nicolai Bailly MTC
Project Engineer Andrew Baron 250-472-5838 MTC
Marine Equipment Specialist Kevin Bartlett 250-853-3932 MTC
Administrative Assistant-Marine Operations Marja Blase 250-472-5368 MTC
GIS Specialist Cassandra Bosma QW 123
Field Services Manager Dirk Brussow 250-415-7344 MTC
Scientific Data Specialist Alice Olga Victoria Bui 250-721-8761 QW 121B
Observatory Systems Analyst Richard Burdick 250-472-5354 QW 218
Data Services Specialist Dany Cabrera Vargas 250-472-5876 QW 121
Data Steward Melissa Cuthill
Marine Equipment Specialist Nathan Deis 250-721-6360 MTC
Project Engineer Jeb Dexter 250-472-5599 MTC
Project Engineer John Dorocicz MTC
Senior Operations Support Specialist Hicham Elamiri 250-721-7409 MTC
Scientific Data Specialist Zelalem Engida 250-472-4042 QW 121
Observatory Systems Analyst Erkan Ersan 250-472-5361 QW 218
Junior Project Engineer Jeff Gagnier 250-472-4895 MTC
Jr. Operations Support Specialist Jin Gan 250-721-6360 MTC
Marine Equipment Specialist William Glatt 250-472-4669 MTC
Marine Equipment Specialist Chad Gunderson 250-721-7044 MTC
Project Engineer Degnan Hembroff MTC
Observatory Systems Analyst Duncan Hogg 250-472-5972 QW 218
Manager, Data Stewardship Reyna Jenkyns 250-853-3908 QW 119A
Observatory Systems Manager Shane Kerschtien 250-853-3673 QW 218
Project Engineer Ryan Key 250-721-8736 MTC
Marine Equipment Specialist Brian Kaltenberger 250-721-7651 MTC
Scientific Data Specialist Megan Kot QW 123A
Data Steward Nadia Kreimer QW 121A
Data Specialist Jacob Kukovica QW 121
Director, Marine Operations Ian Kulin 250-721-6279 MTC
Data Stweard Alex Lam QW 121
Project Engineer Donald Lo MTC
Junior Marine Equipment Specialist Keely-Shaye Lullwitz 250-721-6375 MTC
Junior Project Engineer Aiden Massey MTC
Scientific Data Specialist Stefanie Mellon QW 121
Project Engineer Manuel Morgan MTC
Data Manager Michael Morley 250-853-3225 QW 119A
Scientific Data Specialist Bennit Mueller QW 121
Junior Operations Support Specialist Brendan Neary 250-472-5358 MTC
Marine Equipment Specialist Bjorn Olsen 250-472-5438 MTC
Project Engineer Tom Qiu 250-721-6135 MTC
GIS Specialist Mark Rankin 250-472-5386 QW 121
Project Engineer Sergio Rico Agreda 250-472-4605 MTC
Data Steward Chantel Ridsdale 250-472-5359 QW 124B
Data Stewardf Damian Rohraff 250-472-5157 QW 131
Project Engineer Albert Ruskey MTC
Junior Operations Support Specialist Ryan Rutley MTC
Data Steward Saurav Sahu QW 121
Marine Equipment Specialist Keita Sasaki 250-472-4729 MTC
Scientific Data Specialist Angela Schlesinger 250-472-5579 QW 121
GIS Specialist Adrienne Shumlich QW 121
Data Steward Harry Singh QW 123
Data Steward Meghan Tomlin 250-472-5219 QW 121
Testing & Development Manager 250-853-3539 MTC
Project Engineer 250-472-5161 MTC
Junior Marine Equipment Technician MTC
Project Engineer
Purchaser Polly Todorova 250-472-4647 MTC
Senior Marine Equipment Specialist Matt Tradewell 250-472-5363 MTC
Operations Support Manager Matthew Uganecz 250-721-6011 MTC muganecz@oceannetworksca
Observatory Systems Analyst Seann Wagner 250-472-5378 QW 218
Data Steward Mitchell Wolf QW 123A
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Corinne Aarsen 250-721-8660 (campus local: 8660)
Dilumie Abeysirigunawardena 250-472-4922 (campus local: 4922)
Omid Aghaei
Claudio Alfaro 250-472-5362 (campus local: 5362)
Reza Amouzgar
Phillip Au
Gregory Baillie
Nicolai Bailly
Kevin Bartlett 250-853-3932 (campus local: 3932)
Jeannette Bedard
Svetlana Benger
Greig Bethel
Ben Biffard
Marja Blase 250-472-5368 (campus local: 5368)
Sandy Bligh 250-721-7878 (campus local: 7878)
Italo Borrelli
Cassandra Bosma
Dirk Brussow
Alice Olga Victoria Bui
Richard Burdick 250-472-5354 (campus local: 5354)
Mac Button
Dany Cabrera Vargas
Mauricio Carrasquilla
Kimberly Chemerika
Yan Chen
Jonathan Cheng
Timothy Choo
Patrick Conley
Melissa Cuthill
Denis D'Amours
Fabio De Leo Cabrera
Nathan Deis 250-853-3148 (campus local: 3148)
Richard Dewey 250-472-4009 (campus local: 4009)
Jeb Dexter
John Dorocicz
Leslie Elliott 250-472-5357 (campus local: 5357)
Zelalem Engida
Erkan Ersan
Derrick Evans
Eli Ferguson
Ryan Flagg
Carina Foran
Jeff Gagnier
Jin Gan
Kyle Gering
William Robert Glatt
Deborah Gould-Hawke
Lyuba Goundareva 250-472-5351 (campus local: 5351)
Nathan Grivault
Lu Guan
Eric Guillemot
Chad Gunderson
Karen Hamilton
Martin Heesemann
Rob Hehr
Degnan Hembroff
Maia Hoeberechts 250-721-8296 (campus local: 8296)
Duncan Hogg 250-472-5972 (campus local: 5972)
Nathan Hogman
Robert Hotte
Lauren Hudson
Karen Jawanda 250-721-8478 (campus local: 8478)
Reyna Jenkyns 250-853-3908 (campus local: 3908)
Kim Juniper 250-472-5379 (campus local: 5379)
Brian Kaltenberger
Kristen Kanes
Shane Kerschtien 250-853-3673 (campus local: 3673)
Ryan Key
Jacob Kukovica
Ian Kulin
Samantha Lacy
Alex Lam
Tim Lavallee 250-588-7048
Mandy Leith
Erin Lewyk
Tony Lin 250-472-5373 (campus local: 5373)
Donald Lo
Daniela Loock
Duncan Lowrie
Keely-Shaye Lullwitz
Melissa MacArthur
Luci Marshall
Aiden Massey
Stefanie Mellon
Kristen Meyer
Steven Mihaly 250-853-3637 (campus local: 3637)
Teron Moore
Kate Moran 250-472-5350 (campus local: 5350)
Manuel Morgan
Mike Morley 250-853-3225 (campus local: 3225)
Jina Mousseau
Bennit Mueller
Brendan Neary
Joseph Needoba
Bjorn Olsen
Tanner Owca
Dwight Owens 250-853-3712 (campus local: 3712)
Karen Payne
Monika Pelz
Benoit Pirenne 250-472-5353 (campus local: 5353)
Emily Price
Jennifer Putland
Tom Qiu
Mark Rankin
Gordon Rees 250-721-6357 (campus local: 6357)
Kirsta Reid
Sergio Rico Agreda
Dave Riddell 250-472-5389 (campus local: 5389)
Chantel Ridsdale
Jessica Robinson
Damian Rohraff
Pieter Romer
Adrian Round 250-472-5364 (campus local: 5364)
Ryan Rutley 250-853-3131 (campus local: 3131)
Saurav Sahu
Ellen Sark
Keita Sasaki
Martin Scherwath 250-721-6309 (campus local: 6309)
Angela Schlesinger
Katie Shoemaker
Michael Simmons
Harry Singh
Andrew Snauffer
Josh Stelting
Jessica Stigant 472-536-5
Sheri Thomson
Michael Thorne
Polly Todorova
Cody Tolmie
Meghan Tomlin
Matt Tradewell
Geovany Trejos Salas
Matthew Uganecz
Seann Wagner 250-472-5378 (campus local: 5378)
Manman Wang
Tianming Wei
Mitchell Wolf
Yingsong Zheng 250-415-3350
Tashinga Zvawada