Conduct your research

The sections below will help you apply for funding opportunities, enter into a research contract or agreement, find a partner for your research, apply for regulatory approval (human research ethics or animal care), learn about UVic research policies and procedures, or find relevant forms and guidelines.

How do I...

Apply for funding opportunities (internal and external grants)?

Enter into a research contract or agreement?

Find a partner for my research or mobilize the knowledge I have created?

Contact the Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization office for brokering, knowledge mobilization and communications services.

Explore awards and honours?

See the awards and honours page for information on external awards and honours.

Find information and support for post-doctoral fellows?

Refer to the post-doctoral fellows page for more information, including:

  • eligibility requirements
  • information about responsibilities of a PDF
  • available university services and facilities
  • information about the benefits package
  • a template for a letter of offer

Learn about policies and procedures?

Find and use forms and guidelines?

See the forms and guidelines page.

The Office of Research Services (ORS) assists faculty in securing and administering research grants, awards and contracts as well as meeting their regulatory responsibilities in support of research.

ORS staff provide the following services:

  • publicizing research opportunities to the UVic research community
  • initiating and coordinating funding agency site visits and presentations
  • liaising with funding agencies on behalf of UVic researchers
  • assisting in the development, submission and tracking of research grant and contract proposals
  • processing regulatory approval for human research ethics and animal care
  • providing internal funding and administrative support to committees who adjudicate internal research competitions
  • administering research grants, contracts and creative awards in conjunction with Accounting Services
  • maintaining and preparing research statistics and reports
  • developing and administering research policies
  • working with UVic Industry Partnerships in support of technology transfer and commercialization of research products
  • promoting UVic research and creative accomplishments and awards internally and externally
  • managing application development and post-award administration for special programs

Office of the Vice-President Research

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office - Research Services 250-472-4362 ASB B202
General Office - Vice-President Research 250-472-5416 ASB A110
FAX 250-472-5477
Vice-President, Research Dr. David Castle 250-721-7973 ASB A110
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President Research Janet McKinnon 250-721-7973 ASB A110
Associate Vice-President Research Dr. Michael Miller 250-721-7971 ASB A110
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Miller Marleen Willems 250-721-7971 ASB A110
Associate Vice-President Research Operations Dr. Rachael Scarth 250-472-4362 ASB B202
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Scarth Maria Walker 250-472-4362 ASB B202
Manager, Office of the Vice-President Research Sally Eshuys 250-472-5383 ASB A110
Administration & Communications Assistant Nicholas Wood 250-472-5416 ASB A110
Strategic Research Plan - Project Officer Tamsin Kaneen 250-721-7690 ASB A114
Awards Facilitator Brad Buie 250-472-5408 ASB B217
Strategic Research Initiatives Officer Tara Todesco 250-853-3849 ASB B202
RPKM Director Brent Sternig 250-721-6500 SED A106
Community Liaison Jen Kyffin 250-472-4335 SED A104
Research Grants/Programs/Ethics General 250-472-4362 ASB B202
Research Agreements General 250-721-6095 SED A134

Office of Research Services

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Enquiries 250-472-4362
FAX - Research Services Office 250-721-8960
Associate Vice President Research Operations Rachael Scarth 250-472-4362 ASB B223
Assistant to the Associate Vice President Research Operations Maria Walker 250-472-4362 ASB B202
Administrative Manager Marie Eardley 250-472-5409 ASB B221
Manager Research Finances and Budgets Debra Anderson 250-721-8079 ASB B225
Senior Grants Officer Nicole Kitson 250-853-3103 ASB B227
Research Programs Liaison Jessica Worsley 250-472-4986 ASB B210
Research Budget Assistant Rowena Locklin 250-853-3851 ASB 210
Manager Institutional Programs Joaquin Trapero 250-721-7972 ASB B229
Senior Projects Officer Jill Taylor 250-853-3847 ASB B237
Institutional Programs Liaison Mike England 250-472-5126 ASB B210
Human Research Ethics Coordinator Eugenie Lam 250-472-5202 ASB B231
Human Research Ethics Facilitator Kenna Miskelly 250-472-5555 ASB B202
Human Research Ethics Liaison Jeta Rugova-Plakolli 250-472-4545 ASB B210
External Awards Facilitator Bradley Buie 250-472-5408 ASB B213

Research Partnerships & Knowledge Mobilization

FAX - Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization Unit 250-721-6497
Director, Research Partnerships & Knowledge Mobilization (RPKM) Brent Sternig 250-472-4115 SED A106
Assistant to the Director (RPKM) Tyler West 250-721-6500 SED A102
Manager, Research Agreements Jerome Etwaroo 250-472-4324 SED A118
Research Agreements Reviewer Lana McLean 250-721-6095 SED A134
Research Agreements Assistant Julie Munich 250-853-3853 SED A
Community Liaison Officer Jen Kyffin 250-472-4335 SED A136
Industry Liaison Officer Christopher Flores 250-721-6398 SED A120
Industry Liaison Officer Lindsay Frehlick 250-721-8868 SED A122
Industry Liaison Officer Aislinn Sirk 250-472-5037 SED A124
Liaison Assistant Vacant 250-853-3853 SED A134

Animal Care Services

Veterinary Director 250-853-3694
Animal Care Services Liaison 250-853-3187
Operations Technician 250-721-7082
Animal Health Technician Coordinator 250-853-3692
Animal Health Technicians 250-721-7137
Registered Laboratory Animal Technician Coordinator 250-853-3693
Registered Laboratory Animal Technicians 250-721-7137
Aquatics Unit Technicians 250-721-7139