Helping schools

Helping Schools
Cindy Andrew (left) working with partners to help parents address substance use with their kids.

CISUR and the BC Ministry of Health are inviting School Districts in BC to partner in a national project promoting dialogue in light of the changing cannabis policies in Canada. Interested parties should review the guide to dialogue and submit a letter of interest to

From chocolate to alcohol—from cannabis to opium. Drug use is a human phenomenon. Likewise, games of chance and gambling appear to be as old as human history and are found in every culture. We can help students successfully manage their lives by developing drug and gambling literacy. But we need to focus on exploring meaning, not just learning facts. 

Featured Resources and Projects

Gift of Listening

A 16-page workbook to help peer mentors get off on the right foot.

Let's Talk Dialogue

An 8-page intro that covers the why and how of dialogue about drugs.

Drug History Timeline

Drug History Timeline - an interactive educational resource.

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