Promoting Dialogue

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BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority


Promoting Dialogue is one of our core projects that promotes the use of dialogue to develop understanding between stakeholders in various settings related to mental health and substance use issues. This project has grown out of earlier projects using dialogue to address issues related to cannabis legalization and opioid overdose.

Dialogue can bring people together and bridge divides within communities. It is a manner of communication that involves two-way conversations where people not only speak to each other but also really listen. The intent is to leave the conversation with a better understanding of the topic and the different experiences and perspectives of others that might contribute to greater mutual appreciation and engagement. True dialogue is distinguished from other forms of conversation by how we view “the other.” Each partner in a dialogue is curious about the experiences of the other partners – about their assumptions, beliefs and values.

In 2020-2021 our activities involved working with the Understanding Each Other Together: A journey into our experiences of stigma to celebrate diversity and create change (UNITE) project (an initiative of BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services). Working in partnership with the project team, strategic advisors with lived experience and other BCMHSUS staff, CISUR developed a set of resources to support dialogues within healthcare settings to address stigma, discrimination and other issues and an educational philosophy and training plan for the project.


For a complete list of CISUR publications related to this project see Dialogue resources.

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