CAPI 2012-2017 Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt's research on Indonesian migrant families

CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt in Indonesia
CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt doing fieldwork in Indonesia
CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt

UVic Anthropology professor Dr. Leslie Butt is a medical anthropologist whose work focuses on cultural experiences and practices in the arenas of family and family relations, including reproduction and sexuality, childrearing, and healthcare. She was CAPI's Visiting Faculty Scholar from 2012 to 2017, carrying out field work research on the experiences of migrant Indonesian families.


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Migration, Mobility & Displacement
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Stateless children, parents & undocumented migration: An Indonesian case study

photo of Women holding their records of birth and immunization at a local maternal and child health centre in Lombok, Indonesia.

A field research project conducted by CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt and colleagues examining issues related to out-migration in four separate rural communities in East Lombok, Indonesia.

Southeast Asian women, migration and family in the global era

mall signs advertising services to connect with family back home

This project, led by CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt explored the impact of migration on the family lives of skilled migrant women from Indonesia who work abroad in Canada, Australia and Singapore.

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[August 1, 2018]