Albert Hung Chao Hong lecture series

Dr. Minxin Pei, Director of the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College in California gave our 2013 Hung lecture entitled, "The end of China's one-party state - a predictable event?"

The Albert Hung Chao Hong lecture series is named in honour of Dr. Albert Hung Chao Hong, a Chinese entrepreneur.

Dr. Hung was born in Fujian Province, China, and moved to Hong Kong during his teenage years. After graduating from middle school, Dr. Hung worked in the Philippines with his father who was in the construction business.  Upon returning to Hong Kong, Dr. Hung embarked on a number of business enterprises, establishing a number of companies. Currently, Dr. Hung serves as Vice Chairman for FameG, a microelectronic company that designs and manufactures computer chips.

Dr. Hung received an Honourary Doctorate of Laws from the University of Victoria in May 2005 at a special ceremony in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.  Some of his other honours include being named Justice of the Peace, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR; his appointment to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; and serving as a member of the Board of Governors for the Association of the Celebration of the Reunification of Hong Kong with China.

Dr. Hung believes in the importance of education and has funded the Hung lecture series at CAPI since 2007. The lecture series provides an opportunity for a distinguished visitor to address a community audience on a topic of current public interest in the Asia-Pacific region.

Videos of past lectures are available on Vimeo.

Title Speaker Location Date

Making Lives Invisible: Managing Refugees outside the West

Keynote lecture at the Forgotten Corridors: Global Displacement & the Politics of Engagement conference

Romola Sanyal David Lam Auditorium 17 May 2017

Disappeared, banished, murdered and displaced

Keynote lecture at Migration & Late Capitalism Conference

Linda Tuhiwai Smith Fraser 159 12 June 2015
The end of China's one-party state: a predictable event? Minxin Pei Hickman 105 27 September 2013
Histories and Competitive Societies: Temporal Foundations for Global Theory Prasenjit Duara Hickman 105 2 August 2012
Celebrating Connections: On Being Indigenous and Human in Oceania Vilsoni Hereniko Hickman 105 12 November 2010
Staging History - Action and Reenactment in the Cultural Revolution Carma Hinton Hickman 105 29 January 2009
State Evasion in Mainland Southeast Asia: Why Civilizations Can't Climb Hills James Scott HSD A240 27 November 2007