Seminars and events

Upcoming Events Time Location
i-process workshop (co-sponsored by ARC) April 29 - May 1st + 2 days collaboration time TRIUMF Auditorium, Vancouver, BC
Ongoing Events Time Location
ARCNet seminars various various
UVic Physics and Astronomy Colloquia & Seminars various various
NRC Herzberg Seminar Series Tuesdays @ 11:00am NRC-H, LCR
NRC DRAO Seminar Series Mondays @ 3:00am NRC DRAO
UVic Astronomy coffee Fridays @ 10:30am UVic, ELL401
Past Events Time Location
CASCA 2018
May 22-26/2018
Victoria, BC
NTCO AGM 2017 Dec 14-15/2017 UVic
ARC Workshop: Skills for Employment at Observatories Dec 13/2017 UVic
TRIUMF 2017 Summer School July 24- Aug 4/2017 Vancouver, BC
Stellar Hydro Days May 29-June 2/2017 Victoria, BC
Professional Skills for
Women in Science Workshop
Apr 12/2017 UVic, ELL 162
TMT Second Generation Instrumentation
(TMT2G) Workshop
Dec 10/2015 UVic, ECS 124
RAVEN Workshop Nov 25/2015 UVic, DTB A144