The third NTCO Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO) in Kaleden, BC (outside Penticton) from November 27-29, 2019. Lasting a total of three days, the event included poster sessions by NTCO students, in-person tours of the Synthesis Telescope, the Anechoic Chamber Screened room, the Digital Lab and the RFI Demo Lab, and 19 talks by Industry representatives members from four different universities and DRAO. The AGM also held a Professional Skills Development workshop on goal setting and management for NTCO graduate students (but available to all attendees) and networking opportunities for students with social events like curling at Penticton Curling Club, catered lunches, sponsored dinners, and an Open Discussion session. 


AGM attendees were invited to present a 15-20 minute talk during the AGM. These are listed below in the order in which they were presented. 

Topic  Spokesperson Affiliation
Welcome to DRAO Michael Rupen and Tom Baker DRAO
NTCO Overview Kim Venn UVic
ALMA Science Brenda Matthews HIA
Incoherent Clocking Brent Carlson DRAO
Schneider Electric internship Jared Keown UVic, Ericsson/Sweden
Research at INO Denis Dufour INO
Composite Radio Reflectors Gordon Lacy DRAO
Miovision Internship Nathan Brunetti McMaster
GIRMOS Suresh Sivanadam UToronto
Gemini Observatory internship Viraja Chandrashekhar Khatu UWO
SKA project updates Sonja Vrcic DRAO
MDA involvement in SKA Nicolas Loubser MDA
Zeeman effect in 21-cm radio emission Tim Robishaw DRAO
FLIR internship Tarun Kumar UVic
Astronomy Research at COPL Simon Thibault LavalU
Science with the ALMA archive and ARCADE Chris Wilson McMaster
Stars to Satcom: DRAO & SED Justin Gerein SED
Astronomy instrumentation at ABB Frederic Grandmont ABB
Radio Frequency Interference Stephen Harrison DRAO
Detector Technologies at NuVu Olivier Daigle NuVu
Canada's Stethoscope on the Sun: Space Weather Ken Tapping DRAO


Professional Skills Development Workshop

A Professional Skills Development Workshop on Goal Setting and Time Management was held on Wednesday, November 27th at the Okanagan College Penticton Campus. While attendance was mandatory for all NTCO graduate students, undergrads and other attendees were welcome to join.

The workshop taught attendees how to gain a methodology to tie all personal objectives and aspirations into a planned approach and to match resources and timelines with personal goals. It focussed on teaching how to use time effectively so as to stay motivated and prevent feeling overwhelmed. The planning and goal-setting strategies provided in the workshop ensure any time invested results in solid and measurable results. 

The learning outcomes of this workshop included:

  • Identifying issues preventing effective time management
  • Identifying ways to enhance time management
  • Understand the effects of stress on productivity 
  • Develop more effective planning and goal setting strategies


Student Posters 

Poster Title Student University
Quantum yield estimation for an electron-multiplying CCD from photon counting test data Robert Gleisinger University of Victoria
Toward a Robust, Simulation-Trained Galaxy Merger Stage Classification Model Robert W. Bickley University of Victoria
The high-resolution fibre-fed velocity spectrograph: VROOMM Farbod Jahandar University of Montreal 
Characterization of Image Slicers Caleb Bayard Université Laval 
OPERA vs DRAGraces: Who would win? Shunyuan Mao University of Victoria
Molecular Gas Properties of the Early Merger Arp 240 reveals ULIRG-like Properties Hao He McMaster University
The evolution of a cryogenic range-resolved interferometer Adam Christiansen University of Lethbridge
Space-based detection simulation of resident space object with an EMCCD Maxime Vernier Université Laval
CHIME: A Radio Interferometer and GPU Correlator for Probing Dark Energy Ian Tretyakov University of Toronto
An EMCCD for Wavefront Sensing at 3k FPS William Thompson University of Victoria
A New Thermodynamic Approach On The ADP Maxime Royer Université Laval
Nifty4Gemini: A Data Reduction Pipeline for Gemini-North’s Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer Collin Kielty University of Victoria
The Voyages of StarNet: Deep Learning of Stellar Spectra in all Wavelength Regimes Spencer Bialek University of Victoria
Design of an Optical system for tip tilt alignment of camera sensor and characterization of dust on camera glass. Tarun Kumar University of Victoria
GNIRS Cross-Dispersion Python-based Pipeline (GNIRS-Pype) Viraja Khatu Western University


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