NGC 290 is an open cluster in the Small Magellanic Cloud.  The image was taken with HST Advanced Camera for Surveys.

Members of the ARC include scientists and engineers from the UVic faculty, UVic adjunct faculty, UVic graduate students, associates from NRC-Herzberg, TRIUMF, and postdoctoral fellows, all involved in astronomical research.

UVic faculty members hold appointments in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at  the University of Victoria and teach undergraduate and graduate courses. They are responsible for securing research funding and supervising postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.

UVic Adjunct members bring additional expertise to the group and may teach courses and co-supervise graduate students. All of our adjunct faculty are affiliated with NRC-Herzberg or TRIUMF.

Associate Members are involved full-time in astronomical research, including instrumentation and computation.

Staff members assist in administrative and technical areas.

Graduate students are full participants in our research groups as they pursue their MSc or PhD degree in astronomy, astrophysics, or engineering.

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The NTCO program is looking for a new Program Coordinator.

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