UVic students thank donors for the difference their gifts make.

Annual Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health Scholarships and Travel Awards


  • Alice Lou-Poy Scholarship – for students studying dementia
  • Dr. David Chuenyan Lai Scholarship – for students studying aging and whose supervisors have offices at the Institute in R Hut
  • Neena L. Chappell Scholarship – for students studying aging

Travel Awards

  • Elaine Gallagher Travel Award – for graduates students conducting research with health and aging-related outcomes and have an accepted conference presentation.


Check back here for information about 2018-2019 application deadlines. You are welcome to apply for all awards for which you are eligible.

A scholarship can be the deciding factor in the decision to pursue graduate education or in selecting which university to attend. The opportunity to work with world class researchers is also a deciding factor. The Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health scholarships bring essential elements to support the University of Victoria, an institution that has always had a reputation for superior educational opportunities.

Please consider a gift, pledge or bequest in honor of these distinguished scholars and community members. For further information, please contact Lois Holizki at 250-721-6524 or by .

The Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health's students are working to build equity and create opportunities to support their important work, both now and into the future. You can help them with this. New scholarships and bursaries can be established with $25,000.

Please help us ensure we attract, engage and support students as they explore emerging areas of research on aging.

Dr. Neena Chappell

This scholarship was started with a large donation from the Victoria Gerontological Association and continues to grow through donations from the community.

This scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student doing research on aging. We would like to thank the Victoria Gerontology Association for their generous donation to the Neena Chappell Scholarship to honor one of Canada's most distinguished scholars in the field of aging, Dr. Neena Chappell. Their legacy will be an ongoing gift to gerontological research.

Your donation to this scholarship fund will provide a lasting legacy to support ongoing researchers in the field of aging.

Read more about Dr. Neena Chappell.

Dr. David Chuenyan Lai

This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding graduate student doing research on aging and whose graduate thesis chair is an affiliate of the Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health.

This is the first scholarship administered by the Institute to support a graduate student who is focusing on research in the field of aging. It was created in honour of David Lai's contribution to the university and the community.

Read more about Professor David Chuenyan Lai.

Ronald Lou-Poy

The Alice Lou-Poy Scholarship in Alzheimer's Research was created by the former UVic Chancellor Ronald Lou-Poy in memory of his mother, Alice Lou-Poy.

This scholarship is directed to Alzheimer research and is a gift from the community and the Lou-Poy family.

Dr. Elaine Gallagher

Dr. Elaine Gallagher was the third director of the Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health. She established an international track record in research on falls and fall-related injury prevention among older people during her tenure at the University of Victoria.

Upon her retirement, as the director and from the School of Nursing, a fund was started to honour her contributions to the university and the community.

We encourage graduate students conducting research in health and aging-related outcomes and an accepted conference presentation to apply for one of two travel awards.

Your support to the fund is greatly appreciated.

The Institute thanks the Rotary Club of Saanich for their generous scholarship support from 2009 to 2011.