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Goals & priorities

The process of renewing the Indigenous Plan was guided by the Indigenous Plan Steering Circle (IPSC) with leadership from the Office of the Vice-President Indigenous and membership from Indigenous faculty, staff, students and leadership across the university. The IPSC met at least once a month for over a year to develop a robust engagement strategy to incorporate the needs, interests, values, aspirations and knowledges of Indigenous students, staff, faculty, Elders and local community leaders. We prioritized engaging with Indigenous people, who carry knowledge from lived experiences of navigating colonial systems, resisting barriers and identifying meaningful pathways within the university. 

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  • close up of cedar tree
    Héʔəkʷ ʔə cə čəléŋən ɫtə | HÁEQ ȽTE OL TŦE ĆELÁṈEN ȽTE

    Remember our ancestors and birthright

  • Totems in front of First Peoples House
    Nəc̓əmaat kʷəns čeʔi | ĆȺNEUEL OL

    Work together

  • Indigenous banner in UVic quad
    Nəw̓es šxʷ cən ʔay̓ šqʷeləqʷən | ÁMEḴT TŦEN ÍY, ŚḰÁLEȻEN

    Bring in your good heart and mind

  • Beach scene
    Leʔt šxʷ helə ʔə cə mak̓ʷ sčeʔi səʔ | S,HOL EṮ MEQ EN ENÁ SE SĆȺ

    Be prepared for the work to come

Aligning goals

Bringing together and translating these hundreds of engagement responses into strategic priorities, the Steering Circle worked on aligning goals with existing institutional plans, broadening the resonance, relevance, and actionability of all priorities, and enhancing measurability. 

Our approach to engaging the UVic community and drafting the renewed Indigenous Plan was purposefully connected to align with with the process of creating the UVic Strategic Plan (2023 Forward). An extensive joint consultation process through the spring of 2022 was designed to ensure the priorities of this plan meet the needs and aspirations of diverse members of the university community. Seeking additional and continuing guidance, in the spring of 2023 we brought drafts of the Indigenous Plan back to a broad range of engagement participants for review and revision. 

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