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Etalew̓txʷ | ÁTOL ÁUTW̱ | Centre of respect for the rights of one another and all beings

Our shared responsibilities

Living the Laws and Philosophies

All members of the university community are encouraged to bring this renewed Indigenous Plan to life and to support its implementation. The goals and priorities of this plan were written to strengthen the ways we live, work and respect Sk̓ʷes | TŦE SKÁLs I, TŦE Ś,X̱ENAṈs |The Laws and Philosophies. We offer to all members of the university community an opportunity to reflect on the values we each carry and bring with us into teaching, learning, research, governance and service.

Achieving the goals of this Indigenous Plan is dependent on transforming how we work together—with respect, with a good heart and a good mind, and with care for the relationships we hold.

Leadership responsibilities

The goals and priorities identified in this plan have been developed to resonate across the breadth of work being undertaken at the university. Every faculty, division, office and unit at the university has a role to play in moving the renewed Indigenous Plan forward.

We encourage all levels of leadership across campus to develop unit-specific action plans and resourcing strategies. This plan provides guidance for the work ahead and welcomes a range of strategies to achieve its goals in the context of diverse, unit-level opportunities and challenges.

“Growing in company of Elders, aunties and uncles is so important. So many young people don’t have the opportunity to be part of communities of multi-aged people who care for us. I think this campus can create that sense of community, belonging, home, kokums and mushoms. We can provide that hug, smile and caring thought for each and every one of them."

- Barb Hulme, Métis Nation