Mobile friendly!

Student using mobile device to manage their account
Add funds, freeze funds, report card lost - we're mobile friendly!

Your ONECard allows you access to services and acts as a campus debit card. By accessing your account, you can track your spending, add funds or report your card lost or stolen from home or your mobile device. 

Add your ONECard account to your MyPage

  1. Login to
  2. Use 'add content' link under the lefthand sidebar (under 'Collections' and 'My Home')
  3. Click the 'Search' tab
  4. Search for and select 'ONECard Account'
  5. Click 'Add to my page'

At this point it should appear on your home screen. It can then be moved around. If you modify step (2) to do this from a different part of the portal, then you can add it to another location as well.

Set a low balance reminder

  1. From the UVic ONECard Home Page, click on 'Access your account'
  2. Login with your NetLink ID and password
  3. Go to 'Preferences'
  4. Click 'Activate Reminders'
  5. Enter the $ amount at which you would like to be reminded and click save.