Using your card

A UVic student taps a ONECard to pay at a University Food Services outlet.
Using your ONEcard is the fastest and easiest way to make purchases across campus. Just tap and go!

Your ONECard is your campus debit card and can be used to purchase food, books and more. There are two types of accounts:

  • Your flex account can be used at many locations across campus, and you'll save 5% on purchases made at all University Food Services outlets.  You can always add funds to your account anytime: online, at any University Food Services location or in person at the onecard office. 
  • A residence meal plan account is included in the cost of living in residence and can be used by students to purchase meals at a discount across University Food Services outlets.  If you have a residence meal plan account and you use your funds outside of the allocated 50% meal plan locations, but the funds will come from your residence meal plan first. 
  • +PLUS Meal Plan: running low on funds in your residence meal plan? Enjoy tax exempt purchses plus an additional 5% off for a total of 10% savings at all UVic Food Services outlets.
  • If you're going to be living on campus, there are several meal plan options to choose from.

Paying with your ONECard

Using your ONECard is the fastest and easiest way to make purchases across campus. Just tap and go!

You can use your flex account to pay for the following products and services:

University Food Services outlets

UVic Bookstore

Student Union Building outlets and services

Vikes Athletics and Recreation Services


  • Memberships/equipment
  • Tickets
  • Concession
  • Rock climbing wall


  • Memberships/equipment

Printing and photocopying

Pay for printing and photocopying with your card in the following libraries and labs:
  • Student computing facilities
  • UVic libraries
  • Faculty of Education digital studio
  • Faculty of Engineering computer facilities
  • Faculty of Fine Arts studio for integrated media
  • School of Earth and Ocean Sciences lab
  • Computer Science labs 

Exchange fees and letters of permission

  • Academic Advising for Humanities, Science and Social Sciences Office
  • International Student Services Office


  • Fine Arts