Scientific dive training

The scientific diving program is based on the Canadian Association of Underwater Science (CAUS) standards.

This program assists researchers in safely conducting underwater scientific studies on SCUBA as certified level 1 (20m/60ft) divers.

CAUS level 1

This training is intended for eligible participants registered in the scientific diving program with a planned or approved project.

The following is a general overview and example of the training program:

1. Scientific diving theory via Brightspace

  • Complete the online theory course.
    • Note: theory must be completed before you start the ocean dives.   
  • Please email  to be enrolled.

2. Swimming/diving skills evaluation

  • A training session will be scheduled at McKinnon pool.
  • This session is not optional and must be completed before ocean dives commence.

4. Certifications

  • Dive accident management training
    • This course will be scheduled as required; over 1 to 2 days.
    • The course includes a classroom session and practical component in the ocean. 
  • Oxygen administration for divers
    • This is a full day in-class course and will be scheduled as required.
    • The course includes an online theory component that must be completed in advance of the classroom session.

6. Ocean dives

  • Dives will be scheduled over a number of months. 
  • You must be able to commit to attending 25 dives (15 hours dive time) over a period of ~ 6 months. This generally requires joining 15 of the scheduled dive days.
  • A calendar will be posted with pre-scheduled dive days for you to register for attendance.
  • Your dive project/plan must be sent to the DSO for review no later than 2 weeks before your first ocean dive training session.

7. Diver-in-charge practical

  • Each diver will need to demonstrate diver-in-charge competency. This will include:
    • submission of a dive plan 2 weeks prior to your practical
    • being diver-in-charge for your dive day (e.g. discussions of hazards & risks, instructions for the dive plan, confirmation that diver logs are completed appropriately)