Research safety

Research safety training promotes safe work practices for faculty, staff, and students in laboratory research across campus and in accordance with applicable regulations.  

Our safety training courses address workplace training requirements and assist with site specific and job specific training requirements.  Further job specific training is the responsibility of your supervisor and department.  

Training courses may be available both online in Brightspace or held in the classroom.

Course Delivery method If you are... Required
WHMIS online and classroom working with chemicals, general cleaning products, and other hazardous materials. every 3 years
Lab Safety for Lab Workers blended working directly with hazardous materials in labs. once
Compressed Gas Cylinders Safe Handling & Use blended working with compressed gas cylinders. once
Biosafety Training for Lab Workers classroom working with biohazardous materials and you have not completed the biosafety training course yet.   once
Biosafety Training Refresher - for lab workers online working with biohazardous materials in a biological lab and it has been been more than 3 years since you completed biosafety training.   every 3 years
Biosafety Awareness online awareness of biological lab but you do not work directly with biohazardous materials. once
Biosafety Emergency Response Procedures online working in containment level 2 labs.  annually
Cytotoxic Drug Awareness online working with cytotoxic drugs. once
Blood-borne Pathogens online working with human materials. once
Radiation Safety classroom working under a radioisotope permit. once
Radiation Safety Refresher online working under a radioisotope permit and it has been 3 years since you completed Radiation Safety. every 3 years
X-Ray Safety online working with x-ray generating equipment.  once
Laser Safety  classroom operating Class 3B or 4 lasers. once
Laser Safety Refresher online operating lasers and it has been 3 years since completing Laser Safety training. every 3 years
Laser Safety Awareness online a non-operator working in the vicinity of a lab operating lasers and/or using a confocal microscope. once
Scientific Diving blended affiliated with an approved scientific diving project. as required
Fieldwork classroom projects directly applicable to remote fieldwork. as required