WorkSafeBC claims

WorkSafeBC claims are coordinated through our office. If you or one of your staff is injured, please follow the information below on how to report your injury, submit your claim, and access support for remaining or returning to work.  Our office is here to respond and work with you through any occupational injury or illness.

Please contact the  Elizabeth Errington, 250-721-8879, for assistance.  


If you have sustained a workplace injury that requires medical attention from a physician/health care provider, report the incident to your supervisor immediately to ensure you receive appropriate medical support, and then complete the following as soon as possible:


Once you have been notified of a workplace injury resulting in a claim, please:

Accessing health care 

Upon receiving notification of an injury that is a WorkSafe Claim (medical treatment, modified duties and/or time loss), your manager or department may provide you with the following forms:

Please give the FCF to your health practitioner or doctor for completion. The completed FCF should be returned to your supervisor as soon as possible. The FCF will assist the university in developing a medically supported and safe modified duties plan focusing on both your abilities during your recovery. 

Remain or Return to work (RTW)

Your manager and the WorkSafe Consultant (WSC) will be in regular contact with you throughout your recovery and Remain or Return to Work (RTW) plan.

For more complex claims, a customized RTW plan may be created to allow you to safely and sustainably return to your position. Your RTW plan and progress will be reviewed regularly by you, your union representative, your department and the WSC, to ensure that your health is improving and you are able to perform your assigned duties. If necessary, your RTW plan may need  to be modified if it does not meet your medical needs.

Throughout your RTW additional medical information may be needed to ensure the most up to date information on your abilities is identified and incorporated into the RTW plan.

For more information on Remain or Return, please contact David Morgan at or 250-721-6379.

Joint incident investigations are arranged by the .  The investigation involves you (the claimant), your supervisor or manager, a union/employee group representative, and your OHSE Consultant.

The purpose of the investigation is to help identify and implement corrective measures to prevent the reoccurence of the incident.