Booking information

The chapel is available to the public to be booked for weddings, celebrations of life, and baptisms/christenings. The rental is only for the Chapel building. 

The chapel is open for bookings on Saturdays and Sundays only, as the chapel is booked on weekdays by programs/events organized by the UVic Multifaith Services Chaplains for the campus community. 

The chapel is not available for meetings, workshops, conferences, speakers, musicals, recitals, plays, religious shows, or external church services. It is a space for prayer and worship, serving the students and campus community of the University of Victoria.

Booking times and capacity

Booking Times

Chapel bookings are available to the public for a two-hour slot:

  • 10:00am to 12:00pm (suggested commencment at 11:00am)
  • 12:00pm to 2:00pm (suggested commencment at 1:00pm)
  • 2:00pm to 4:00pm (suggested commencment at 3:00pm)
  • 4:00pm to 6:00pm (suggested commencment at 5:00pm)
  • 6:00pm to 8:00pm (suggested commencment at 7:00pm)

A booking from 2:00pm, for example, only means you have access to the Chapel from 2pm. Each Two-Hour slot is to ensure that you have sole and exclusive use of the chapel to decorate and set up without disruption, and to clear up and take down before the next booking.

For example, for a 3:00 pm ceremony, the Chapel (including adjacent lawn areas) will be rented to you from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, allowing one-hour for preparation, decorating and guest arrivals. The ceremony, photo sessions (including lawn photos), guests, and decorations must be completed and cleared by the end of your booking.

Requests to set-up before your allotted time will not be entertained. Decorations and guests must be cleared by the end of your booked slot.

Your booking will be confirmed after the confirmation of an available chapel attendant, followed by your payment.  


Main hall maximum seating is 100 people.

Rental fees (including UVic Alumni)

  • $350.00. (For 2-hour booking, includes HST.)
  • $600.00 (For two slots of 2-hours to be booked.)

A half-hour rehearsal is included in the price, and is scheduled to occur the Friday before the event. Please consult the online calendar for chapel availability.

Your booking will be confirmed after the confirmation of an available chapel attendant, followed by your payment.  


Payments must be received within two weeks of submitting the Online Chapel Booking Form. Please make payment online through the Thank You webpage, after you have submitted your online booking form, and have received confirmation from the chapel.

If you have already submitted your booking form (and have received confirmation from the chapel) and are just making your payment(s), click here.

Cancellation Policy

Thirty (30) days' notice must be given in order to receive a partial refund.

The cancellation fee is:

  • $70 for the two-hour slot.
  • $120 for a four-hour slot.

Food and beverage

No food or beverages are permitted in or around the Chapel. The chapel and chapel lobby were not built to host receptions. If small receptions in the lobby are requested, it can comfortably fit 30 people.

No eating or drinking are allowed in the Celebration Hall. The Hall is a Sacred Space shared by the numerous Faith Communities represented on campus. Requests to bring personally catered or prepared food/drinks will not be entertained.

Catering and hosting a reception are available through the following:

UVic Degrees Catering

Contact Candice Kelly at  or 250-721-8603, to arrange your reception, including booking function rooms, with UVic's Degrees Catering.

Degrees Catering website: 

University Club of Victoria

The University Club is the ideal setting for romantic weddings on the patio or inside our westcoast designed club house.  The Club is conveniently located minutes away from the University of Victoria’s Interfaith Chapel and Finnerty Gardens.

The University Club caters wedding receptions from 10 to 250 people and couples return to celebrate their anniversaries year after year. The University Club also hosts meetings, seminars, conferences, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, banquets and dances for groups of 10 to 250 people.

For more information, please contact the Sales Catering and Event Manager Laura J. Holliday at 250-721-7938 or email Laura at  

Please visit our web site at and connect with us on Facebook!

Ceremony official

Please engage your own minister or marriage commissioner to perform the wedding service.

A list of Marriage Commissioners in Victoria is available on-line at:

Chapel attendant

Our Chapel Attendant will be at your service to open doors, provide general assistance and oversee the building during your ceremony. If you have a rehearsal booked, they will be there to answer any questions about the building and note details about your service.

Chapel Attendants are not responsible, nor liable, for the setup or takedown of your decorations. The Chapel Attendant does not run the CD player or iPod for weddings or memorials/funerals. Please engage one of your friends to run it for you on your wedding day.

Outdoor ceremonies

Ceremonies may be held on the front or back lawn areas. Chairs, anchored tents or furniture, however, cannot be placed on the grass. Only stand-up ceremonies will be accommodated. 

Please note: the Chapel must be booked in order to use the lawn area.

Furniture may not be removed from the chapel building.


You are welcome to use our digital piano (full-sized with weighted keys) or the Yamaha acoustic upright piano located in the Celebration Hall. Requests for the piano to be tuned prior to your service will include an additional $120 for the tuning.

If you need to hire a piano player or wish to employ student musicians, please inquire at our UVic School of Music, 250-721-7903.

A CD player and sound system are available if your music is on CD. Do bring your CD to test your music, if you have a rehearsal booked. Provisions are also available to connect your iPod, if that is preferred.

Please engage one of your friends to run it for you on your wedding day - the Chapel Attendant does not run the CD player or iPod for weddings or memorials/funerals.


You are responsible for all decorations required for your ceremony such as flowers and stands, dripless candles and stands, ribbons/bows, linens, table cloths, etc. There is a large stationary table at the front, plus 4 small moveable tables for your use.


If you are using candles in your ceremony, we request that you please use proper candle-stands with dishes to collect the melting wax. We have had problems with wax stains on the altar table and the carpet in the past. Please help us preserve the chapel in a presentable state so that others may be able to enjoy it as well.


Confetti of any type is not allowed including rice, birdseed or flower petals. We would like to have the Chapel in a presentable condition for the reservation that may follow yours.

Finnerty Gardens

For information on the Finnerty Gardens, please visit the following website

Bequests and donations are welcome. These will be used for the operating expenses of the chapel and its grounds.


On the Donation Webpage, under “Designation”, please select “Other” and enter “Interfaith Chapel” in the respective field that will appear.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is only for those who have booked the chapel for memorial/celebration of life services. Please click here to submit the name of your loved one to be entered into our Book of Remembrance.


On the Donation Webpage, under "Designation" please select "Other" and enter "Interfaith Chapel" in the respective field that will appear.

Location and parking


University of Victoria Interfaith Chapel,
Parking Lot #6, off Ring Road,
3800 Finnerty Road,
Victoria BC, V8W 2Y2.

(You may use this address in your invitation cards)


Paid parking in effect including evenings, except for Sundays and statutory holidays. Their is a flat rate of $3.00 for Saturdays. For more information about parking, please contact the university's Parking and Transportation Coordinator, Patrick Seward, at 250-721-6685 or .

Additional Chapel information

The following are additional details about the Interfaith Chapel:

  • Aisle: 21 ft. from lobby door to first row of chairs. Approximately 5 ft. wide.
  • Chairs: 100 chairs total. Chairs are not to be stacked and left in the meditation room or along the corridors and hallway.
  • Crosses: 2 Christian crosses - 1 small (sits on a stand), 1 large (hangs on a pole). Both stored in the Vestry.
  • Podia: 2 (also referred to as lecterns) 1 large podium with closed-in bottom, 1 smaller podium with pedestal bottom.
  • Tables: 5 - 4 small (18"x36"), 1 large (36"x72", often used as an altar: mostly stays in front).
  • Microphones: 2 with stands and cables.

Furniture are not to be removed from the chapel building.

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