National survey of student engagement

UVic student outcomes survey

The following surveys are conducted by BCStats.

Baccalaureate Graduates Surveys by Discipline (CIP)

To access Baccalaureate Graduates Surveys from 2000 to the present, click the following link and enter a "Year" and "Institution" in the drop-down menus:

Baccalaureate Graduates Surveys by Faculty and Department

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Please be aware that for some departments, the number of respondents is low enough to identify an individual. To ensure confidentiality, these tables should be for internal distribution only. Reports for the public are available at the TUPC website listed below. Furthermore, caution should be used in interpreting percentages based on a small number of respondents, as this could easily be misleading.

BC universities student outcomes

These reports are maintained by BCStats.

Canadian undergrad survey consortium

Use of the data in the following reports are governed by a Protocol For Data Use and all reports are copyrighted.

Other surveys

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  • Survey of 2002 UVic Undergraduate Applicants (contact us)
  • Survey of 2002 UVic Undergraduate "Non-Arrivers" (contact us)
  • 2001 Survey: The Class of 1996 Five Years after Graduation - Comparing BC University Outcomes for Direct Entry and Transfer Students (PDF)
  • Undergraduate Student Survey 2000
  • Undergraduate Student Survey 1998
  • Survey of Summer Session Undergraduate Students 1998 (PDF)
  • Survey of the British Columbia General Public 1998 (PDF)
  • Survey of 1997 UVic Applicants (contact us)