Institutional Planning & Analysis

Business Intelligence Cycle

Our role and projects

The primary role of our office is to provide Business Intelligence (BI) for decision making and policy planning at the University of Victoria. 

Business Intelligence (BI) is the continual process in which organizations gather, store, analyze and provide  access to data in a structured way in order to apply gained knowledge and insight to decision-making processes with the intention of improving the performance of the organization.

BI incorporates a more strategic approach to decision-making by providing historical, current and predictive views of our operations that allow for easy interpretation of our institutional data and UVic's strategic goals.

Our office is involved in a number of projects, including:

  • accountability reporting (performance measures, service plans and service plan reports)
  • support to strategic planning
  • providing enhanced planning tools (homepage) (EPT MyReports login)
  • enrolment projections and enrolment management
  • enrolment analysis, monitoring and internal reporting
  • monitoring student success
  • faculty analysis and internal reporting
  • applicant, student and graduate surveys
  • external statistical reporting to government agencies, rankings, etc.
  • classroom, laboratory and other space analysis, projection and performance indicators
  • economic impact of UVic

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