The State of the EU in Canada and in the Pacific Asia

2015 State of the EU participants
2015 State of the EU participants

The EUCE at UVic hosted three "State of the EU in Canada and in the Pacific Asia" conferences: one in July 2014, another in June 2015, and the last one in May 2016.

These activities were funded by the European Union Centre of Excellence.

The EUCE at UVic hosted the final 'State of the EU in Canada and in the Pacific Asia' conference from May 25th to 27th, 2016.

The conference presented an opportunity for Graduate Students in Canada, the United States, and the Asia Pacific to present their research on the European Union. Possible topics included the image of the EU in media, business, governance, free trade agreements, and arctic/maritime issues. Please see the call for papers for more details.

Funding was made available for students' travel, and the EUCE at UVic covered local costs and accomodation.

UVic’s EUCE hosts this event thanks to generous funding from the European Union Center for Excellence Grant, and the support of the following Canadian and Pacific Asian EUCEs and Universities: Dalhousie EUCE, Montreal and McGill EUCE, Taiwan EUCE, EU Centre Taiwan, and Japan’s Kyushu EUCE.

An overview of the presentations is shown below. Please view the full program for abstracts, and more details on the conference.

Day 1

Public address: Dr. Stefán Ólafsson (University of Iceland)
  • Icelandic responses to the economic crisis - The role of civic and political factors

Day 2

Welcoming remarks: Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (UVic)

Session I: EU's External Relations - Chaired by Dr. Hungdah Su (Director General, EU Centre in Taiwan)

  • Alexander Ripley & Somed Shahadu (both MA Candidates, Political Science, Dalhousie)
    • The unintended consequences of European foreign policy: Implcation of the Economic Partnership Agreement for human and financial development in Ghana
  • Jiangtian Hu (PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of East Anglia)
    • The battle between EU and China on the leadership of international environmental regime making: Game theory analysis on EU civil aviation ETS (Emission Trading System)
  • Piaohao (Bobby) Hsu (Graduate Institute of European Studies of Tamkang University)
    • Right to be forgotten - Recent development and its implications for Taiwan
  • Fumi Yoshimoto (MA/PhD Candidate, Kyushu University/KU Leuven)
    • Does the Japanese reform of security related acts in 2015 change the military relations between Japan and the EU especially off the coast of Somalia?

Keynote Lecture: Dr. Matúš Mišík (Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta, EUCE)

  • EU's democratization policy success: Fit between internal and external perception

Session II: Law: Free trade & Dispute settlement - Chaired by Dr. Andrew Newcombe (UVic Law)

  • Elsa Sardinha (Legal researcher, Singapore)
    • The return of the State: Towards a new regulatory paradigm under recent FTA investment chapters
  • Quishi (Lisa) Qu (PhD Candidate, Law, Xiamen University)
    • Sustainable principle under the CETA and TPP investment dispute settlement provisions
  • Ye Xin (Law school, Kyushu University)
    • Proposal of an ideal dispute settlement mechanism in China-Japan-Korea free trade area with a comparative study of EU and NAFTA
  • Zhannah Voukitchevitch (PhD Law, University of Ottawa)
    • Eurocentrism revisted: Anthropological and legal aspects of conflicy resolution in the Arctic

Guest Lecture: Dr. Stefán Ólafsson

  • Iceland's application for EU membership - Premises and prospects

Day 3

Session III: EU Internal Politics - Chaired by Dr. Valerie D'Erman (UVic)

  • Kim Desert & Berdah Capucine (both MA Candidates, Political Science, University of Montreal)
    • Crisis and the European public sphere in France
  • Jennifer Smith (MA Candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie University)
    • Explaining the new strength of Ukranian civil society: Pressure politics and empowerment in the context of conditionality
  • Lukas Luthi (MA Candidate, Law, Kyushu University)
    • On the road to sustainable freight transport? Stakeholder's positions on European Union's policy for transport infrastructure, pricing and funding

Session IV: EU Internal Politics - Chaired by Dr. Oliver Schmidtke (UVic)

  • Jay Ramasubramanyam (PhD Candidate, Law, Carleton University)
    • Europe's non-states: The EU's relationship with unrecognized states and implications on citizenship, identity and legal status
  • Yi-An Chen (Taiwan National University)
    • East German national identity construction and xenophobia in Eastern Germany: A social identity theory perspective
  • Michelle Legassicke (PhD Candidate, Dalhousie University)
    • Internal and external stresses from migration on the European Union

Keynote Lecture - Chaired by Dr. Jonathan Simms (Dalhousie University)

  • Dr. Juliet Johnson (EUCE Director, McGill University)
    • Financial nationalism in Hungary

Session VI: Canada-EU governance & comparative policy - Chaired by Dr. Martin Geiger (Carleton University)

  • Ben Globerman & Emily Nickel (both MA Candidates, EURAS, Carleton University)
    • Norms in crisis: Examining the effects of securitization on political discourse during elections in Canada and the EU
  • Siobhan Airey (PhD Candidate, Law, Ottawa University)
    • Reigning in the reign of ODA: The analytic possibilities of a focus on the legal form and reasoning in the international governance of ODA
  • Victoria Sztanek (MA Candidate, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto)
    • The future of food: GM technology in Europe and Canada

Closing Remarks - Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (UVic)

Video from the 2015 State of the EU conference.

The EUCE at UVic hosted the second of three 'State of the EU in Canada and in the Pacific Asia' conferences on June 10th and 11th, 2015.

The 2015 conference featured two guest speakers: Dr. Martin Geiger (Department of Political Science, the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies and the Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University), and Jonathan Zaragoza Cristiani (Visiting EUCE-Borders Scholar, Centre for Global Studies). The conference focused on the nature of EU relations with Canada, the US, and the Pacific Asia region. 

Funding was available for travel costs to/from Victoria. UVic’s EUCE hosts this event thanks to generous funding from the European Union Center for Excellence Grant, and with support of several EUCE partners across Canada, at the University of Washington, and at Taiwan and Kyushu (Japan). 


Day 1

Day 1, Session 1- Chaired by Dr. Martin Geiger (Assistant Professor, Department of Policital Science, the Institute of European, Russion and Eurasian studies and the Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University)

  • Andrew Bergel (PhD candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie) & Michelle Legassicke (PhD candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie)
    • Rush to the border: Internal and external stresses from climate migration on the European Union
  • Emmaline English (MA candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie)
    • Swedish race politics: Shifting to the Right
  • Stepehen Fielding (PhD candidate, History, UVic)
    • Migration as an exercise in sport: The European soccer subculture in postwar Toronto, Canada

Keynote lecture: Dr. Martin Geiger

  • Disciplining migration and mobility: Smart borders and migration management

Day 1, Session 2

Day 1, Session 3

Day 2

Day 2, Session 4- Chaired by Dr. Jonathan Simms (Economics, Dalhousie)

Day 2, Session 5- Dr. Laurie Beaudonnet (Université de Montréal)

Day 2, Session 6- Chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (Professor, School of Public Administraion, European Studies Program, UVic)

Day 2, Session 7- Chaired by Dr. Valerie D'Erman (Instructor, Political Science, UVic)

The EUCE at UVic hosted the first of three ‘State of the EU in Canada’ and ‘State of the EU in the Pacific Asia’ conferences on July 17th and 18th, 2014.

The European Union Centre of Excellence at the University of Victoria hosted a conference July 17-18 for graduate students from across Canada, Japan, and Taiwan to present their research on the state of the EU in their region, network with other scholars and gain experience as a panel discussant and presenter. There was a broad range of topics covered, from the management of social issues such as immigration and ethnic diversity to political cooperation on energy and development issues to comparisons of governance and legal approaches to traditional hunting.
The conference also included a special lecture from Patrycja Rozbicka, an EUCE visiting scholar, entitiled "Interest Groups in the EU Politics: How to Lobby the EU".
For details and topic abstracts, please see the program. 



Day 1

Session 1, Day 1- Chaired by Donna Wood (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Science, Uvic)

  • Andrew Bergel (PhD Candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie) & Jillian Carter (MA Candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie)
    • Counterfactual Separation: Crossing the Rubicon in Quebec's Secession
  • Emma Wilson (MA Candidate, Political Science, Dalhousie)
    • Learning from the EU: The 'Governance' of Network Governance through Accountability

Guest Speaker- Janl Quiring (Director, International Trade Policy, Ministry of International  Trade, Government of British Columbia) 

Session 2, Day 1- Chaired by Helga Hallgrimsdottir (Associate Professor, Sociology, UVic)

Session 3, Day 1- Chaired by Chenwen Chen (Deputy Director Generall of EUTW, Taiwan)

Day 2

Session 4, Day 2- Chaired by Merwan H. Engineer (Professor, Economics, UVic)

Session 5, Day 2- Terry Mughan (Associate Professor, Gustavson School of Business, UVic)

  • Harry Nedelcu (PhD Candidate, Political Science, Carleton)
    • European Extremist, Fringe and Populist Political Parties
  • Tania Shaban (PhD Candidate, Political Science, UVic)
    • Media Perceptions in Russia of Global Energy Governance

Session 6, Day 2- Chaired by Marth O'Brien (Professor, Faculty of Law, UVic)