Canada-EU Dialogue on Democracy


Led by Oliver Schmidtke, Pablo Ouziel and and Beate Schmidtke, the project Canada - Europe Dialogue on Democracy: Democratic deficit and the rise of populism in Europe (CEDoD) brings together a core group of multidisciplinary researchers at UVic to create a transatlantic scholarly network designed to facilitate a multilogue between civic society actors, academics and policymakers regarding populism and democracy in the European Union (by enticing and steering a discussion). The key objective is the creation of a vibrant research network focused on knowledge dissemination initiatives and engagement strategies targeting scholars, public policy stakeholders and civic society organizations. The principal idea behind the project is to engage Canada-EU experts in a transatlantic dialogue about European integration through the lens of democracy and populism.

For more information about this grant visit the EUCAnet website, or check out the Canada-Europe dialogue project on Facebook.

Events and Outreach