Student services

The University of Victoria offers a wide range of student support services to help with learning, health and wellness.

Learning strategies and support

The University of Victoria provides extensive help to our students in their learning process. Resources including workshops, one-on-one tutorials, academic writing support and many more will help you throughout your learning cycle. Explore more at the Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation website.

Health and wellness

The university provides plenty of student wellness and safety resources and programs to our students. This includes  counselling services and health & medical services.

Mental health

Mental health supports and services are available to students from all areas of the UVic community, including undergraduate, graduate, Indigenous, transfer students, international, or students with a disability. Know more about the mental health supports and services in the campus.

Indigenous Student Support Centre

The University of Victoria provides extensive support fot Indigenous students. This includes providing cultural, emotional, and academic support, accessing to resources, quiet study space with tea and snacks, talking circles, connecting to elders, and events for Indigenous students to connect and unwind. Explore more from Indigenous Student Support Centre.