Awards and scholarships

Through the WUSC (World University Service of Canada) program Atem Machar came to Canada and enrolled at the University of Victoria. Now, support from UVic donors is helping him complete his degree in Health Information Science.

Dr. Mowafa Househ Entrance Scholarship

Mowafa Househ graduated with a PhD from the School of Health Information Science in 2008 and has established the Dr. Mowafa Househ Entrance Scholarship. The first scholarship was awarded in January 2010.


  • An award of $250 will go to an undergraduate student entering the School of Health Information Science.
  • Preference will be given to a student from Northern BC.

Health Information Science Award for Students with a Disability


This award will be granted periodically to students admitted to the School of Health Information Science whose ability to complete course work or to participate effectively in the co-operative education work terms is compromised by some physical limitation.


  • With due consideration of the effects of the physical limitation, students will be considered for the award on the basis of academic excellence.
  • Purchases will remain the property of the student at the conclusion of the program.

Application procedure

Apply in writing to the director of the School of Health Information Science.

James Coward Memorial Award


To assist students with the expenses associated with accepting a co-op work term outside of Victoria.


  • Any student in the School of Health Information Science.
  • Preference will be given to students taking an international work term. 

Application form

Kenneth and Barbara Thornton Memorial Award


  • To support students with demonstrated financial need with reimbursements for course fees, books and supplies.
  • The dollar amount available to be awarded varies from year to year.


  • Undergraduate students who have been fully admitted to the School of Health Information Science and who have been residents of British Columbia continuously for the preceding two years.
  • This award is not available to students in the Combined BSc in Computer Science and Health Information Science.


  • June 15th 

Application form

MEDINFO Travel Award


MEDINFO Conferences are held every three years. To receive the award, the applicant must:

  • be a fully-admitted student in the School of Health Information Science;

  • have a paper accepted at a MEDINFO Conference;

  • apply for the award after receiving notification of acceptance of the paper.


If more than one student applies, a committee consisting of two faculty members of the School of Health Information Science and two alumni will review all applications and papers and select one applicant to receive the award.

Michael Miller Scholarship


To support students with high academic achievement and to increase awareness about mental illness. 


  • Graduate students of the School of Health Information Science or undergraduate students entering their third or fourth year in the program.


June 15th

Application procedure

  • Students must submit applications electronically to the attention of director of the School of Health Information Science at .
  • Application form
  • Such applications should include:

    1. Confirmation of registration as a student in the School of Health Information Science.
    2. A statement of academic performance.
    3. An original essay on the topic of manic depression (bipolar disorder) not to exceed 2500 words, which must be submitted electronically. The essay should include an introduction/background section with reference to the literature on bipolar disorder. The body of the essay should discuss ways in which awareness of the disorder can be increased, including consideration of how health information science and applications are (or might be) applied to helping those with the disorder and making others more aware of the disorder. You should support your arguments and thoughts by citing appropriate literature.


The total value of the award varies annually depending on the return from underlying investments, however, it is anticipated that at least $2,000 in awards will be presented to recipients this year. 

Mrs Annie Greskiw Scholarship in Health Information Science


  • Two awards are made annually to outstanding students proceeding to year 3 or 4 of the Health Information Science Program.
  • The dollar amount available to be awarded varies from year to year.
  • Selection of the recipients will be made by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the Director of the School of Health Information Science.

Steven A. Huesing Memorial Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the School of Health Information in memory of Steven Huesing.


This gift will provide a scholarship to one or more undergraduate students entering the School of Health Information Science in the Faculty of Human and Social Development studying at the University of Victoria.


This award is administered by the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office at the University of Victoria in accordance with the policies of the University for undergraduate awards.


The late Steven A. Huesing was the editor and publisher of "Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada", Executive Director, International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and President, Canadian Healthcare Information Technology Trade Association (CHITTA), a Division of ITAC.

Considered to be one of the "pioneers" in the field, Mr. Huesing worked in the Health Industry and Informatics for over 40 years and held senior executive, CFO and CIO positions in healthcare facilities and government. He was the founding president of COACH: Canada's Healthcare Informatics Association, and served on the boards of many voluntary organizations as well as editorial boards of academic journals and conference proceedings. He served on several boards and advisory boards of companies and educational institutions in the health industry. COACH honored him by the granting an annual scholarship in his name to qualified Canadian health informatics students.

In 2002 he was the co-founder of the Canadian Healthcare Technology Trade Association (CHITTA) that had recently merged with the Information Technology of Canada.
Steven was the author of numerous articles, book chapters and editorials. Most recently he was the editor of "From Mainframe to Mainstream: The Evolution of COACH and Health Informatics in Canada" published by COACH in celebration of its 30th Anniversary. He was actively involved in Health Informatics curriculum development with several Universities, colleges and associations. He also served as a visiting lecturer on the vendor marketplace, strategic procurement and the history of Canadian Health Informatics.