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Putting nurses at the forefront of the health technology revolution

UVic’s double degree program—the only one of its kind in Canada—trains nurses to select, develop, implement, and evaluate information technology. It gives them the knowledge and experience to identify concerns, design safe and usable systems and address nursing practice issues before and during technology implementation.

VADA program application deadline

The Visual and Automated Disease Analytics (VADA) Program trains health, health informatics, and computational science graduate students to translate complex health data into insights that can be used to improve the health of populations and support health care decision-making. The VADA Program welcomes interested faculty and graduate students to learn about how they can get involved and funded through the program.

NEW RELEASE: Handbook of eHealth Evaluation

This handbook presents the science and practice of eHealth evaluation based on empirical evidence gathered over many years within the health informatics discipline. The handbook describes different approaches used to evaluate the planning, design, implementation, use and impact of eHealth systems in different health settings. It also provides a snapshot of the current state of knowledge on the consequences of opting for eHealth systems with respect to their effects and implications on provider performance and health outcomes.