Dynamic learning in the classroom

In our programs you will benefit from small classes, and will be taught by internationally-renowned faculty and instructors who bring their extensive experience into the classroom. We pride ourselves on providing our students with the education necessary to work in the field and push the discipline forward.

You will take courses that focus on three areas including information technology, clinical systems and the business aspects of the health care industry. You will learn to identify information and data needed by doctors, hospital administrators, government planners and other health care professionals and how they are used in order to make effective health care decisions. Please see the detailed course list below.

Fall courses

HINF 115 Programming for Health Care
HINF 130 Introduction to Health Information Technology
HINF 200 Principles of Health Database Design
HINF 202 Introduction to Professional Practice
HINF 230 Organizational Behaviour and Change Management
HINF 320 Project Management
HINF 335 Health Information Standards
HINF 350 Human Aspects of Healthcare Information Systems
HINF 381 Epidemiology, Population Health and Public Health

Spring courses

HINF 112 Introduction to Health Information Analysis
HINF 130 Introduction to Health Information Technology
HINF 140 Introduction to the Canadian Health Care System
HINF 201 Database Management and Development for Health Care Systems
HINF 265 Health Care Delivery Organizational Models
HINF 280 Biomedical Fundamentals
HINF 410 Information Management and Technology
HINF 420 Societal Implications of Information Technology
HINF 450 Health Information System Design
HINF 461 System Evaluation and Quality Improvement
HINF 470 Trends in Health Informatics

Summer courses

HINF 310 Electronic Records and Decision Support Systems
HINF 330 Legal & Security Issues in Health Informatics
HINF 345 Networks, Interoperability and Systems Security
HINF 351 Information Technology Procurement
HINF 371 Clinical Methodologies

The University Calendar is the authoritative source for complete lists of course selection and program requirements.