Bud Peetz

Bud Peetz

Local inventor creates lasting impression

Born in Victoria in 1925, Anthony Gerard Peetz, also known as Bud, grew up in an inventive family that worked to improve the fishing trade of the Pacific Northwest. Bud's father Boris Peetz invented the trolling reels, lures and sinkers that became standard in the local salmon fishing industry. Peetz Manufacturing Ltd. employed the whole family: older siblings Ivan and Judy joined the company after serving in the Navy during WWII, and Bud joined after he completed university.

Bud's university career started out at Victoria College, which later became the University of Victoria. After leaving Victoria to serve with the Canadian Scottish Regiment in England and Holland at the end of the war, he returned to Canada to finish his studies at the University of British Columbia, ultimately graduating in 1949 with a degree in mechanical engineering. But his ties to his first alma mater were strong and Bud eventually founded the Victoria College Craigdarroch Castle Alumni Association. He then held a variety of executive positions which served to maintain the many memories and personal connections he made throughout the years.

Those connections served another of Bud's personal interests in the years following his return to Victoria. As an avid skier he put his energy into founding the Victoria Sno-Birds and developing the island slopes on Mt. Brenton and Green Mountain. Entrepreneurship also coursed through his veins, and so he convinced his siblings to rent and sell used ski equipment from the family tackle business. This small enterprise in the corner of Peetz Tackle was the first time ski equipment was available locally to Victorians.

When Bud wasn't skiing or sailing, he was inventing new ways of making these hobbies better. Though most of his ideas never made it to patent, he fuelled the spirit of invention locally by organizing the annual Victoria Harbour Race for sailboats built for less than $100. Described as a knowledgeable and humorous guy, Bud made a lasting impression wherever he went.

Bud also made a lasting impression by leaving a planned gift through a bequest in his will to the University of Victoria. By honouring his academic springboard, he has helped to fuel the creative drive of students today and for years to come.

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