Our team

University of Victoria Development Office

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1700 Stn CSC
Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y2  

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office, Development 250-721-7624 ISC donorcare@uvic.ca
FAX 250-721-8961

Associate Vice-President, Alumni & Development

Associate Vice President, Alumni & Devt Jane Potentier 250-721-8780 MWB A115 avpad@uvic.ca
Assistant to Associate Vice President, Alumni & Devt 250-721-8780 MWB A120 avpasst@uvic.ca
Acting Administration Manager Megan Beattie adminmgrand@uvic.ca

Principal Gifts & Campaign

Director, Principal Gifts Katherine Blake 250-472-5871 ISC 375c directorprin@uvic.ca
Principal Gifts Strategist Nadine Wallace 250-853-3181 ISC 272C prinstrategist@uvic.ca
Development Coordinator, Principal Gifts & Corporate and Foundation Relations Carla Stucchi 250-721-7185 ISC carlastucchi@uvic.com

Alumni & Development Communications

Communications Manager Sarah Tarnopolsky 250-686-2537 ISC 275 adcommsmanager@uvic.ca
Alumni & Development Communications Officer Erin Hall donorcomm@uvic.ca
Alumni Communications Officer Jenny Manzer 250-213-1775 ISC alumcomm@uvic.ca
Communications Content Specialist, Alumni & Development Michael Kissinger ISC 261 alumcommcoord@uvic.ca

University Development

Director of University Development Laura Milligan ISC 288B directordev@uvic.ca

Leadership Giving

Manager, Leadership Giving Amber Arthur 250-472-5850 ISC 272b managerdev@uvic.ca
Leadership Giving Officer Cheryl Webb 250-721-6004 ISC 282 leadershipgiving2@uvic.ca
Leadership Giving Officer Kelly Schaecher 250-721-8044 ISC 282 leadershipgiving3@uvic.ca

Donor Relations

Manager, Donor Relations Cory Rabourn ISC crabourn@uvic.ca
Donor Relations Officer, Student TY Program Carmen Morgan 250-853-3158 ISC 375 carmenmorgan1@uvic.ca
Donor Relations Officer, Major Gifts Tara Simonetta-Mann ISC tsimonetta@uvic.ca

Annual Giving

Manager, Annual Giving Jen Sandmaier 250-721-6003 ISC 286a givingmgr@uvic.ca
Senior Annual Giving Officer Cora LaRussa 250-472-4622 ISC 286b givingappeals@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Officer, Campus Community Cortney Baldwin 250-472-4498 ISC 286b givingofficer@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Coordinator, Student Calling Program Lauren Stamhuis 250-721-7637 ISC 288a callingprogram@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Coordinator Emily Wachtman 250-472-4924 giving@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Digital Engagement and Data Analyst Taylor Harris taylorharris@uvic.ca

Legacy Giving

Manager, Legacy Giving Kristy Colpron 250-721-8967 ISC 276 mgrlegacydev@uvic.ca
Development Officer, Legacy Giving Kelsi Langdon 250-721-6001 ISC 277 legacydev@uvic.ca

Advancement Services

Director of Advancement Services Laura Marziali ISC 375h directoradvs@uvic.ca

Prospect Research & Strategy

Manager, Prospect Research & Strategy Karla Benson 250-472-5033 ISC 283 kbenson@uvic.ca
Senior Research Officer Angelina Speers angelina1@uvic.ca
Prospect Research Officer Anna Mandic ISC proresearch@uvic.ca

Gift Services

General Inquiry giftprocessing@uvic.ca
Senior Manager, Gift Services Laurel Irving laureli@uvic.ca
Gift Agreements Officer Heather Gropp 250-721-8965 ISC 374a agree@uvic.ca
Gift and Endowment Services Officer Carrie Bourgoin 250-721-6267 ISC 375 carrieb@uvic.ca
Gift and Financial Services Officer Lena Imada 250-721-6008 ISC 375 rimada@uvic.ca

Advancement Data & Systems

Manager, Advancement Data & Systems Tracy Wadlow 250-721-8908 ISC 375f twadlow@uvic.ca
Data Quality Clerk Noor Ashir 250-472-5122 ISC 375 alumdata@uvic.ca
Database Administrator Andrew Wong 250-853-3890 andreww@uvic.ca

Strategy & Operations

Manager, Strategy & Operations Caitlin Pierce ISC 284 cpierce@uvic.ca
Project Officer Anna Karpova 250-472-4917 ISC 375 akarpova@uvic.ca
Business Analyst Robin Reiss ISC 375c rreiss@uvic.ca
Business Analyst Tanja Motzigkeit 250-721-8298 ISC 375d tmotzigkeit@uvic.ca

Data Analysis & Intelligence

Manager, Analytics and Business Intelligence Atsuko Umeki 250-472-4843 ISC 375c atsukoum@uvic.ca
Data Analyst/Report Writer Jenelle Murray ISC 375a jenellem@uvic.ca

Faculty of Development

Director of Faculty Development Leitha Cosentino 250-415-8304 ISC 272A directorfacdev@uvic.ca
Assistant to Directors Liz Ausio 250-472-5173 ISC 267 fundasst@uvic.ca
Development Coordinator, Faculty Kate Barry 250-472-5113 ISC katherinebarry@uvic.ca

Faculty of Science

Development Officer Kate MacDonald 250-721-6102 BWC A217 sciencedev@uvic.ca

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Senior Development Officer Anne-Lise Loomer 250-853-3245 ELW A112 engrdev@uvic.ca

Faculty of Law

Senior Development Officer, Law Elizabeth Eby FRA lawdev@uvic.ca
Development Coordinator, Law Musab Khalid lawext@uvic.ca

Student Affairs

Senior Development Officer Karen Batchelor 236-464-1028 ISC studentaffairsdev@uvic.ca

Faculty of Education

Development Officer, Education Vacant

Faculty of Fine Arts

Development Officer, Fine Arts Samantha Krzywonos 250-721-6305 FIA 241 finedev@uvic.ca

Faculty of Humanities

Development Officer, Humanities Vacant

Faculty of Human and Social Development

Development Officer, HSD Tricia Roche 250-472-5031 HSD A310 hsddev@uvic.ca

Faculty of Social Sciences

Senior Development Officer, Social Science Tina Belcourt 250-472-4210 soscdev@uvic.ca

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Senior Development Officer, Business Amanda Taylor 250-472-4279 BEC 142 bizdev@uvic.ca
Development Coordinator, Business Natasha Moroz bizext@uvic.ca

University of Victoria Library

Development Officer, Library Vacant