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University of Victoria Development Office

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1700 Stn CSC
Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y2  

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office, Development 250-721-7624 ISC devdonor@uvic.ca
FAX 250-721-8961

Associate Vice-President, Alumni & Development

Associate Vice President, Alumni & Devt Tamas Zsolnay 250-721-8780 ISC 272A avpad@uvic.ca
Assistant to Associate Vice President, Alumni & Devt Fiona Morgan 250-721-8780 ISC 267 avpasst@uvic.ca

Director of Fund Development, Development

Director of Fund Development Cheryl Hebb 250-472-4516 ISC 288B chebb@uvic.ca
Assistant to Director of Fund Development Liz Ausio 250-721-6007 ISC 288 fundasst@uvic.ca
Fund Development Writer Christopher Thackray 250-721-6247 ISC 275 thackray@uvic.ca

Director of Advancement Services

Director of Advancement Services Stephanie Rowe 250-721-6270 ISC 375H srowe@uvic.ca

Donor Relations

Donor Relations Manager Cory Rabourn 250-853-3165 ISC crabourn@uvic.ca
Donor Relations Communications Officer Sarah Tarnopolsky 250-721-8909 ISC 272C starno@uvic.ca
Donor Relations Coordinator Heather Gropp 250-721-8965 ISC 374a donrcoor@uvic.ca

Prospect Research

Manager, Prospect Research & Strategy Karla Benson 250-472-5033 ISC 283 kbenson@uvic.ca
Senior Research Officer Caitlin Pierce 250-472-5429 ISC 284 cpierce@uvic.ca

Gift Processing

Operations Manager, Gift Processing Heather Simms 250-721-8907 ISC 375E hsimms@uvic.ca
Gift Processing Officer Tracy Wadlow 250-721-8908 ISC 375 twadlow@uvic.ca
Gift Processing Senior Clerk Susana Muir 250-721-6010 ISC 375 susannam@uvic.ca
Gift Processing Clerk Anna Karpova 250-721-6267 ISC 375 akarpova@uvic.ca
Gift Processing Clerk Christine MacGregor 250-721-6009 ISC 375 macgregc@uvic.ca

Information Technology

Information Technology Manager Gregory Churchill 250-472-5032 ISC 375b gregc@uvic.ca
Data Analytics Officer Atsuko Umeki 250-472-4843 ISC 375c atsukoum@uvic.ca
Data and Applications Coordinator Skye Downey 250-472-4917 ISC 375 sdowney@uvic.ca

Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Medical Sciences

Manager, Science & Engineering Development Jody Kitts 250-853-3245 EOW 253 kittsj@uvic.ca
Development Officer Nicole Boulet 250-721-6102 ELL 166 nboulet@uvic.ca
Alumni & Annual Giving Officer Amber Ballard 250-472-5717 ECS 631 aballard@uvic.ca
Development Coordinator, Science & Engineering Julia Keenan 250-472-5717 ECS 631 jkeenan@uvic.ca


Development Officer, CanAssist Anne-Lise Loomer 250-853-3948 CARSA loomera@uvic.ca

Faculty of Law

Director, JID Campaign Daniele Lavoie 250-472-5627 jidcampaign@uvic.ca
Alumni & Annual Giving Officer Laura Pringle 250-853-3518 FRA 131D lawalum@uvic.ca


Development Officer, Vikes Matthuw Ronald-Jones 250-853-3966 CARSA A244 mrj@uvic.ca
Alumni Officer Teri Kerr 250-472-4642 CARSA A234 vikesalumni@uvic.ca

Faculty of Education

Development Officer, Education Kim Manton 250-853-3503 MAC A226 edudev@uvic.ca
Alumni & Annual Giving Officer Vacant

Faculty of Fine Arts

Development Officer, Fine Arts Samantha Krzywonos 250-721-6305 FIA 225a skrzywon@uvic.ca

Faculty of Humanities

Development Officer, Humanities Katherine Blake 250-853-3893 CLE C304 kablake@uvic.ca

Faculty of Human and Social Development

Development Officer, HSD Lynne Milnes 250-472-5031 HSD 310 lmilnes@uvic.ca

Faculty of Social Sciences

Development Officer, Social Science Sarah Black 250-721-6044 BEC 464 skblack@uvic.ca
Alumni & Annual Giving Officer Cora LaRussa 250-853-3941 BEC 463 soscalum@uvic.ca

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Development Officer, PG School of Business Amanda Taylor 250-472-4279 BEC 238 bizdev@uvic.ca
Alumni & Annual Giving Officer Erica Youds 250-721-6411 BEC ely@uvic.ca

University of Victoria Library

Development Officer, Library Katherine Blake 250-853-3893 CLE C304 kablake@uvic.ca

Annual Giving

Director, Alumni and Annual Giving Terry Cockerline 250-721-8963 ISC 263 terryc@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Officer Moses Mukasa 250-721-6004 ISC 286b mosesmukasa@uvic.ca
Manager, Annual Giving Jennifer Sandmaier 250-721-6003 ISC 286a givingmgr@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Coordinator Dana Kritsch 250-721-7637 ISC 286b danakritsch@uvic.ca
Annual Giving Assistant Jenelle Murray 250-472-4924 ISC 286 giving@uvic.ca

Legacy Giving

Development Officer, Legacy Giving Deborah Walker 250-721-8967 ISC 276 dgwalker@uvic.ca
Coordinator, Legacy Giving Kristy Colpron 250-721-6001 ISC kristyc@uvic.ca

For Development Officers contact, please visit "Our development Officers".

Terry Cockerline

Terry Cockerline

Alumni and Annual Giving
Director, Alumni and Annual Giving        
Tel: 250-721-8963

Office: ISC 263

Moses Mukasa

Moses Mukasa

Annual Giving
Annual Giving Officer
Tel: 250-721-6004 

Office: ISC 288A

Dana Kritsch

Dana Kritsch

Annual Giving
Annual Giving Coordinator
Tel: 250-721-7637
Office: ISC 288A


Jenelle Murray

Annual Giving
Annual Giving Assistant
Tel: 250-472-4924

Office: ISC 286

Cory Rabourn

Cory Rabourn

Donor Relations Manager
Tel: 250-853-3165
ISC 375G

Sarah Tarnopolsky

Sarah Tarnopolsky

Donor Relations Communications Officer
Tel: 250-721-8909
ISC 282

Heather Gropp

Donor Relations Coordinator
Tel: 250-721-8965
Email: donrcoor@uvic.ca
ISC 375I

Prospect Research

Chrystal Phan

Karla Benson

Manager, Prospect Research & Strategy
Tel: 250-472-5033
ISC 283

Caitlin Pierce

Caitlin Pierce

Senior Research Officer
Tel: 250-472-5429
Email: cpierce@uvic.ca
ISC 284

Gift Processing

Heather Simms

Heather Simms

Operations Manager, Gift Processing
Tel: 250-721-8907
ISC 375E

Tracy Wadlow

Gift Processing Officer
Tel: 250-721-8908
ISC 375F

Susana Muir

Gift Processing Senior Clerk
Tel: 250-721-6010
Email: susanam@uvic.ca
ISC 375

Anna Karpova

Gift Processing Clerk
Tel: 250-721-6267
Email: akarpova@uvic.ca
ISC 375

Christine MacGregor

Gift Processing Clerk
Tel: 250-721-6009
ISC 375

Paige Peterson

Paige Peterson

Data Quality Clerk & Lead Tracing Supervisor
Tel: 250-472-5155
Email: alumdata@uvic.ca 

Sanghamitra Mummadi

Sanghamitra Mummadi

Tracing Clerk
Tel: 250-472-5155
Email: lostalum@uvic.ca  

Jo Cai

Jo Cai

Tracing Clerk
Tel: 250-472-5155
Email: lostalum@uvic.ca 

Information Technology

Greg Churchill

Gregory Churchill

Information Technology Manager
Tel: 250-472-5032
ISC 375k

Atsuko Umeki

Atsuko Umeki

Data Analytics Officer
 Tel: 250-472-4843
ISC 375c

Atsuko Umeki

Skye Downey

Data and Applications Coordinator
Tel: 250-472-4917
ISC 375a

Stephen Kagan

Desktop Support Services Analyst,
Desktop Support Services, Academic & Admin Services
Tel: 250-721-6252
ISC 271