Join our Monthly Giving Club! Your monthly gift, no matter the size, can make all the difference to a student in need.

Why become a monthly donor?

Your monthly donations will be a continuous source of support for students at the University of Victoria. Small monthly gifts, spread out over the year, make a BIG impact!

Monthly giving is:


Your gifts will be automatically processed each month for you. You get one cumulative annual tax receipt at the end of the year. (It's environmentally friendly too!)

Monthly Giving Club Affordable

Giving monthly breaks down a larger annual donation into smaller installments. Monthly gifts reduce administrative time, processing and mailing costs for UVic, meaning your gift can go further.

Monthly Giving Club is Flexible

You can direct your donations to a specific area that is meaningful for you. You can change the amount of your monthly donation at anytime by contacting our team.

When you join the UVic Monthly Giving Club, you’ll receive regular updates about what your donations are doing. We’ll send you invitations to special donor events. Most of all – UVic students will thank you for your compassionate support!

Join the Monthly Giving Club 

What can your gift do?

Your gift, no matter the size, can make all the difference to a student in need. Whether you choose to support student scholarships or bursaries, a specific faculty of program, or one of our community outreach programs, you are creating a lasting impact.

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$10 per month can provide funding for a student-led club or initiative

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$25 per month can provide emergency funding to help a student stay in school

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$50 per month can cover the cost of one course for an undergraduate student

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$100 per month can provide an entrance scholarship or bursary for a student

Where can your gift go?

Scholarships recognize academically outstanding students, empowering them to pursue their educational goals.

Students facing financial barriers can apply for bursaries to help them cover the cost of their degree and minimize student debt.

Student emergency funds help when students come up against unforeseen, difficult circumstances.

Wherever you choose to place your support, you will open doors for students.

Join the Monthly Giving Club 

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If you wish to make any changes to your monthly donations, please contact Cora LaRussa, Annual Giving Officer, at 250-472-4622 or