Campus Quest: Temple of Generosity

Campus Quest Header

BREAKING NEWS: On December 1st, more than 630 UVic students followed the clues left by Thunder, the VIKES mascot, in an online quest to unlock and allocate Dr. Phil Anthropist's $5,500 treasure. 

Thank you for playing and sprinkling impact across campus! Here is how you chose to allocate your treasure:

Business: Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation: $230

CanAssist: TeenWork: $240

Continuing Studies: University 101: $210

Education: Centre for Outreach Education (CORE): $280

Engineering: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Fund: $170

Fine Arts: Student Community Impact Award: $240

Graduate Studies: Neuroscience Graduate Students Association: $170

Human and Social Development: Voices in Motion: $160

Humanities: Christine Welsh Scholarship: $160

Law: Student Emergency Fund: $150

Ocean Networks Canada: Solid Carbon: $570

IACE: Elders Engagement Fund: $850

Science: Women In Science: $1,050

Social Sciences: Sellemah Scholarship: $90

Student Affairs: Students with Lived Experience in Care: $90

Transgender Studies: Chair in Transgender Studies: $330

UVic Libraries: Digital Initiatives Fund: $250

UVic Research: Research Accelerator Fund: $190

VIKES: Alumni Association Bursary for Active, Healthy Living: $120