Music and Computer Science

The combined degree program in Music and Computer Science is ideal if you intend to work with music and technology, or if you want a job in a technological field while working with music.

The disciplines of music and computer science are closely linked. The last half-century of music history is full of attempts to adapt to and adopt technological advancements. These days, live music performances frequently involve computer technology, from synthesizers and samplers to 3-dimensional controllers for manipulating sound. And computers are instrumental in producing music recordings, music for film and video games, and delivering music across all audio-visual platforms.

Our combined program allows students to combine music and computer science in varied amounts, resulting in either a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Science. This is one of our most popular and competitive degrees. It is also our only undergraduate degree that does not require a major performance component.


How to Apply

Register as a UVic student 

New to UVic
If you have never registered in UVic credit courses, you must apply for admission to the university. Access the on-line application here and follow the “Steps to Applying for Admission”. Students should apply to the Faculty of Fine Arts, Music, Combined Program in Music and Computer Science. Admission requirements and deadlines can be found here. Once you have applied for admission and the application fee has been processed, you will receive further information regarding your student number, required documents and the status of your application. You will be advised of the decision as soon as it is possible. Proceed to step 2. Application deadline is March 31. 

Current UVic students
If you are currently a UVic student apply through My UVic Application then proceed to step 2. Application deadline is March 31.

Returning UVic students 
Students who have completed at least one credited course at UVic, but who are not registered in a credited course between September and April of the current academic year should apply through My UVic Application by signing in with your NetLink ID and Passphrase then proceed to step 2. Application deadline is March 31 for entry in the following September.

Apply for the Combined Music/Computer Science Major

To apply to the Combined Music/Computer Science degree program, submit the supplemental on-line application form. Application deadline is March 31. You will receive an automatic email acknowledgment. 

The Music/Computer Science Admissions Panel will review your application. Eligibility to register in the first year Music courses for this program is based on your academic record and music background.  You will be advised of the Admission Panel's decision by e-mail. 

Register for all required courses

If you are advised that you are eligible to register in the first year courses for this program complete your course registration on-line. Be sure to register for all required first year courses (except those for which you have transfer credit). On-line registration opens in late June or early July. You will be notified of the precise date for your case.


Music courses include: Computer Science courses include:
  • Theory
  • History
  • Acoustics
  • Recording techniques
  • Sound synthesis and manipulation
  • Computer music 
  • Programming techniques
  • Algorithms
  • Data structures
  • Operating systems
  • Networks
  • Multimedia systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Artificial intelligence


Students who work both with technology and music can be found producing music recordings, creating music for films, video games, and working in other aspects of the entertainment industry. Live performance, sampling, and compression are other areas of interest for students with technology and music skills. Cutting edge work with 3D sound controllers, and other interdisciplinary research is also possible. 

  • Film and television audio 
  • Audio for video games (e.g. Electronic Arts in Vancouver, a multi-billion dollar company)
  • Studio recording 
  • Internet audio formats: design, delivery, translation, migration 
  • Audio recording formats: design and delivery 
  • Music-related software: design and delivery 
  • Music-related hardware: design and delivery
  • Remote, collaborative music events (including remote rehearsal and performance) 
  • Music pedagogy: web design and delivery 
  • Design of new (virtual) musical instruments
  • Sonic environments
  • Sonic recognition

ECHO Award

Each year, students in the Music and Computer Science program create things that are unique and special. These projects combine the core disciplines of the MUCS program and showcase the excellence and entrepreneurial spirit of our student body.

The Echo Award celebrates the best of these creative projects with an annual juried award. The winner of the award receives $250 as well as feedback and comments from a jury of music and technology professionals.