Our programs

Approximately 250 music majors study each year at the UVic School of Music. With a resident string quartet and tenured faculty in all instrument families, we are devoted to a performance-centred approach to developing musical proficiency while encouraging new and inventive paths for musical professions.

Opportunities to perform are abundant, whether as a soloist, in chamber groups, or in one of our many small and large ensembles.

Students often enter the program with a strong passion for music. By their second year, most students choose a focus from our program list:

General information:


  • We offer degrees in Music Education, Performance, Composition and Theory, History, and a combined program in Music and Computer Science (resulting in either a BA in Music or a BS).
  • Many students do not declare a specific specialization until after year 1, as most degrees require the same courses for the first year. Exceptions include Music Education and the Combined Program.
  • The University calendar provides detailed information about our university admission requirements and those specific to music
  • After applying to UVic, music students are automatically contacted by the School of Music with details about the audition process and further requirements.
  • The University calendar also provides detailed information about our degree requirements (or you can view a summary outline of our degrees by year). 


  • We offer one of the most affordable undergraduate degrees in North America.
  • We provide over $250,000 in scholarships and aid to our students each year.
  • Most financial aid offers are announced by our central office.


  • We typically admit 50 students to our undergraduate programs each year.
  • The School of Music is made up of about 250 students; many of our ensembles are open to Music majors and non-majors.
  • Academic classes range from individual tuition to classes of 15-40 students, with the majority of courses featuring under 20 students.


  • UVic prides itself on the useful services it provides its students, with a focus on access, wellbeing, and fairness for students of all backgrounds.
  • Academic services and student affairs are listed in the calendar to provide a quick overview of what is offered to students; more detailed information can be found by browsing UVic websites dedicated to these services and the UVic Student Life webpage.


  • UVic has centralized sites for applications and financial aid.
  • The School of Music has additional requirements for new and transfer students, such as auditions. After applying to UVic, music students are automatically contacted by the School of Music with details about the audition process and further requirements, so there is no reason to search this information out. 
  • All non-native English speakers must demonstrate English language proficiency

Transfer students

Moving from another university or college is a big decision. We’re glad you’re thinking of us and want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • First, consult the BC Transfer Guide to see how specific classes that you’ve taken can count toward your UVic degree.
  • You must complete at least 30 units at UVic, including at least 18 of the minimum 21 upper-level units required for all degree programs.
  • No students are admitted into fourth year.
  • You must still audition. Your audition will determine which year of individual lessons is most appropriate for you.


  • See our complete faculty listing to get to know our various instrumental and ensemble specialists.
  • Interested parties may also contact our administration directly to answer specific questions or to inquire about exceptional circumstances.

Application deadlines:

  • High School Students: Feb 28
  • Transfer Studenist: March 31
  • Supplemental application, reference letters, audition recordings, etc. (everyone): March 31.
  • All application deadlines outlined on the undergrad admissions page.