Employment Equity Survey Collection and Privacy Notice

The University of Victoria collects, uses, discloses and retains personal information only in compliance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). A Privacy Assessment has been conducted and approved by the University Secretary.

1. Collection, use and disclosure

The University of Victoria collects and uses the personal information on this form (equity information) pursuant to section 26 (c) and (e) of the FIPPA.

The university collects and uses equity information directly related to and necessary for the implementation of its employment equity program (the program). In addition, we use equity information to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of employment equity work at UVic.

In general, the equity information is used to improve employment equity at UVic.

Equity information is used to report in an aggregated (statistical summary) format. No individual will be identified. Statistics about areas where the numbers are small, and therefore might identify individuals, will not be disclosed publically.

2. Security

The information provided on the survey will be treated confidentially. The responses are not anonymous.

Paper-based responses are confidential when they are placed in the return envelope. Once delivered, the forms are stored in the UVic Equity and Human Rights Office (EQHR).

Employees completing the survey on the web do so using a web browser via the MyPage portal. The responses are securely transmitted between the user's computer and UVic servers. The UVic servers are located in a facility on campus with strict access control using keycard access, alarm codes, and video surveillance.

3. Access

Access to paper and electronic responses is restricted to select continuing EQHR employees or designated agents of EQHR. When necessary, access to the electronic data is granted to select IT (niversity systems) employees for system maintenance and troubleshooting purposes only.

4. Correction

Information reported by an employee will be amended or deleted upon written request to the Equity and Human Rights Office.

More information

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