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Learning and action in UVic gallery

The meetings

The goal of the Anti-Racism Accountability Check-in Meetings is to begin to do the work to understand systemic inequities, promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and begin to decolonize the way that we work within the university's art museum.

As Legacy Art Galleries Acting Director, Caroline Riedel states “We are working to address issues around museums as colonial institutions and respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action and the Scarborough Charter. In addition, our staff at Legacy is currently comprised mainly of settlers working in a relatively hierarchical structure. We know we need to ‘do the work’ to decolonize all aspects of our professional practice, our collections and our exhibitions and programs. We recognize this is no small task.”

In these check in meetings, staff or guest speakers present on a given topic and the team strategizes ways to take action to affect meaningful and lasting change. Having regular meetings ensures continued learning and team action. These accountability check-ins ensure that we are all active in learning and in affecting positive change.

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