LATHE courses

The Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies offers a Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Graduate Certificate. This 6.0-unit, part-time program is designed for current UVic graduate students to take concurrently with their other doctoral degree.

The general foci of the certificate program are:

  • providing pedagogical knowledge suitable to post-secondary instruction;
  • to give graduates a competitive edge when applying to academic teaching positions

The following three courses comprise the certificate program:

ED-D 600: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (1.5 units)

Explores instructional research and contemporary practices in higher education. Topics includes using effective teaching strategies, developing course curriculum, and exploring psychology of learning and instruction.

ED-D 610: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (1.5 units)

Critically examines the problems and issues that dominate current thought and discussion globalization and internationalization, university governance, teaching and leaning, the nature of academic work, corporatization of post-secondary institutions, credentialism, and relations between higher education and the state.

ED-D 605: Educational Psychology: Doctoral Apprenticeship in Teaching in Higher Education (3.0 units)

This two-semester course provides guided teaching apprenticeship under the mentorship of the program faculty advisor, program consultant of the LTC and select faculty members. Participants will engage in presentations, role-play scenarios, teach undergraduate classes, and complete the program with a teaching dossier.

Program delivery

  • The certificate courses are designed to be taken part-time concurrently with their doctoral degree program at the University of Victoria.
  • Course instruction is on campus and face-to-face.
  • The program is run over 2 years, 2-8 month terms.
  • No courses in the summer term.
  • There is an intake every September.

First year:

Fall term (September-December): ED-D 600
Spring  term (January-April): ED-D 610

Second year:

Fall and Spring term (September-April): ED-D 605