Transforming UVic (TRUVic)

TRUVic students
Reynold's TRUVic Gallery Walk 2014

UVic Secondary Post-Degree Teacher Education 

TRUVic’s unique approach to teacher education, now in its third year, grew out of a desire to better integrate two primarily learning spaces in teacher education programs – the university and the school – and to better integrate the principles of 21st century teaching and learning into the UVic teacher education program. Initially developed with a small group of Secondary Education students, the program now enables all secondary education students to integrate into schools from the beginning of their professional program/year.

The instructors (located both on campus and in schools) have sought to deepen prospective teachers’ conceptions of education, teaching and learning; to make connections between theories of learning and practice; to learn from experienced teachers in schools and university; and to gain greater perspective on the needs, interests, and expectations of today’s youth.

The prospective teachers have weekly opportunities to immerse them into school/classroom life, be mentored by experienced teachers, and meet a range of educators working in a variety of education contexts.

They can observe diverse pedagogical approaches, including pedagogical uses of technology, authentic assessment, and both formal and informal learning opportunities. Working in cohorts, they are supported to engage meaningfully with adolescents, ideas, and future colleagues.

As a result of the meaningful relationships created between the university students and school teachers, the prospective teachers have multiple opportunities to develop their understanding of their chosen profession, to develop their teaching skills, and to deeply understand the complexities of teaching and learning.