Certificates and diplomas

Professional Specialization Certificate in Information Communication Technology

This Professional Specialist Certificate provides important background and training for teachers and other educational professionals to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in incorporating new communication technologies for instructional purposes.

The certificate will be delivered through a combination of face-to-face and distance delivery.

Core courses

  • EDCI 335 Learning Design (1.5 units)
  • EDCI 337 Interactive & Multimedia Learning (1.5 units)
  • EDCI 339 Distributed and Open Learning (1.5 units)
  • One of EDCI 336, 338, 356, AE 322 (1.5 units)

Note: EDCI 336 can be used for credit in the Professional Specialization Certificate when taken outside of requirements for a previous degree.

Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching French Immersion

Teachers will gain the methodology and fluency to be highly effective in the French immersion environment.

This credit certificate consists of four courses (6.0 units): two offered online in fall and spring, and two offered face-to-face in summer session.

Core courses

  • EDCI 475 Principles in Teaching French Immersion (1.5 units)
  • EDCI 476 Organization and Instruction in French Immersion (1.5 units)
  • EDCI 477 Designs for Learning (1.5 units)
  • FRAN 475 Modern French (1.5 units)

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