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A new home for innovation

October 14, 2022

A modern building is surrounded by foliage, with people chatting in small groups outside and a cyclist passing on a nearby bike path.
The faculty’s expansion has been designed to provide hands-on, small team
and collaborative learning environments. The new spaces will support the
faculty’s goals to advance creative problem-solving, equity, diversity and inclusion.

A new capital expansion in the works for Engineering and Computer Science supports Dean Mina Hoorfar’s vision to position the faculty as an innovation ecosystem—one that will generate solutions for the critical challenges of our time.

“It is my life’s work to develop and nurture our future changemakers—students with entrepreneurial drive, relentless ambition and creativity,” says Hoorfar. “Engineers and computer scientists play a critical role as innovators on global issues, such as clean and affordable energy, healthcare and well-being, and sustainable infrastructure. I believe these disciplines are not just where there’ll be more future jobs. These fields hold the key to creating a more just and equal society.”

Recent catastrophic events have intensified a growing sense of urgency. As recently as November 2021, we saw major climate-related infrastructure failures in our province that greatly affected BC families and businesses. Accelerating natural disasters, public health emergencies and supply chain interruptions are all present-day challenges that require innovative solutions.

The world needs not only more engineers and computer scientists but also the space to support their work. “Innovation needs a home,” adds Hoorfar. “We know that world-class learning and research environments power people and ignite ideas. Our new spaces have been designed to do just that.”

The project is the largest capital expansion in the faculty’s history. The new facilities will help the university to attract and retain students, faculty members and researchers, creating a talent and innovation accelerator that will propel BC’s progress and prosperity.

The faculty is in a tremendous period of growth, resulting from market and student demand. The number of undergraduate enrolments has more than doubled over the past 10 years, with 500 new student spaces since 2018 alone.

To learn more, visit Engineering and Computer Science Expansion Campaign